Attendee Data Collection

Scan the barcode on any attendee eTicket or badge and get their basic details.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Answer to Wildcard Question #1
  • Answer to Wildcard Question #2
  • Answer to Wildcard Question #3

As the webmaster of this site you can turn this feature on or off. You can also set which of the 7 fields are collected. You can even allow any of the wildcard questions to be open-ended questions. For example: “What’s types of sporting equipment are you looking to buy?”

34 Attendee data

Car & Boat Shows

The Attendee Data Collection App works really well for auto, golf, boat and other tradeshows. The exhibitor can scan the attendees badge and instantly pull up their profile. Then they can type in a few comments about them. For example: Wants to buy a fishing boat this Spring, and save this. In any sales situation a salesman can ask only so many questions before bothering a customer. The Attendee Data Collection App works in the salesman’s favor because he can skip the easy questions like (name, email, organization) and ask a only the important questions.


College Fairs

During college recruitment fairs prospective students may pass by tables with long lines. If the recruiter uses the Attendee Data Collection App and scans the students name tag the students information is saved. This circumvents students from having to fill out long information forms. Later the recruiter can export all of this information and import them into their own contact database.