Put banner on eTickets

SimpleTix is the only eTicketing app that allows you to not only put your logo on your eTickets, but all banners. You can advertise other events or sell banner space to generate more revenue. For example: We had car/auto shows that sold ad space on ticket to a car company. This added additional revenue to their events.

16 Banners on e-ticket

Different Banners Per Event

With SimpleTix (eTicket Layout: B) you can also set different banners for each event. This allows you to have more flexibility for advertising. For example you can have eTickets for different events cross promoting each other. We have had a sport bar that hosts huge football games. For each game the sold banner space to a different beer vendor. You can also display 2 banners.(eTicket Layout: C) Allows you to have both a global banner plus a banner per event. The advertising possilites are endless.

17 Different banners every ticket