Send Newsletters

SimpleTix includes a library of 90 great looking email templates. Directly from the manager panel under “promotion” you can create a newsletter. We offer the same feature set as other newsletter suites (like Mailchimp) offer. You can create a newsletter, create a list of recipients, and then schedule when to send it. Best of all since it’s integrated with SimpleTix you can send a email to participant of specific event or event time. For example if you run a cinema and someone bought tickets to a screening of a movie it would be a great idea to send them an email if the sequal comes to your theater. You can also include promotional discount codes in your newsletters.

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Track & Analyze

We offer the ability to view complete delerviablity details of each email campaign. See how many emails were scucessfully delivered, opened, and a link within it was clicked. You can also view which emails bounced because the email address was incorrect. If a end-user flagged your email as spam you can also view this so you know to delete them from your mailing list.