Plenty of Options

Promo codes are a great way to increase sales and generate buzz about your event. You can list the promo codes on your Facebook page, Tweet, or newsletter. The codes can be as open or limited as you want them to be. You can limit them by:

  • Date Range: e.g. the code can expire by a certain day.
  • Specifiy event or event time: e.g. If you have one event that has poor ticket sales – tweet a promo code to drive ticket sales.
  • Total times used: e.g. for 100 people can get 10% off.
09 Promo codes overview

Security You Can Trust

Each time a promo code is entered it’s usage is increased. Since customers have the option to pay right away (e.g. PayPal) and also the ability to pay later (e.g. Pay by Invoice) we have to mark the promo code used as soon as it’s entered. SimpleTix include full reporting on where you can view how many times each promo code has been used.

10 Promo codes security