San Francisco State University (SFSU)  uses this feature for graduation events. They create a membership for each school. Then assign students to the correct membership. After creating the graduation events, they will grant members of the respective school to have two free tickets. This allows them to safely limit the number of people attending the graduation and ensuring that each student has the ability to order two tickets for their family.

Each year synagogues host the annual High Holy Days. The High Holy Days can have complex ticketing arrangements. Where congregant members can have different allotments of free tickets. Also, where non-congregant members can order tickets at a set price.

Here’s how most synagogues use SimpleTix.

In SimpleTix setup different membership levels like: Shin, Resh, Kof, Tsadi, Ayin, Fay, etc.
Then assign congregant members to these membership levels (use spreadsheet upload to make it fast)
Now create the early & late service events
Create the non-congregant member prices
Congregant member prices tier (automatically hidden from the public)
Assign how many free tickets each membership level is allowed