Complete Ticket Shop

SimpleTix gives you a complete ticket shop or just a single event page – whichever you prefer.

28+ Different eTicket Layouts

While other eTicketing apps give you just a standard 8.5 X 11″ size, SimpleTix gives dozens of various sizes. Sizes specific for Bocca, Epson Thermal, and Zebra printers.

Sophisticated Promotion Code Management

More than just simple discount codes. You have full granularity of when codes are valid, what tickets that are valid on, how many tickets get be discounted, and how many times each code can be used.

In-depth Analytics

Each SimpleTix site includes it’s own dedicated Piwik Analytics accounts. We allow you to track every detail about your end-users so you can make educated marketing decisions.

Send us your Design

You can send us your template, PSD, or existing site and we’ll turn it into a SimpleTix theme. Unlike other apps, we do not force you to use a standard cookie-cutter theme, you can use your design and domain name.

You Deserve the Best Credit Card Processing Rates

While the other apps make you settle for their built-in processor which charges at least 3% on each transaction, SimpleTix allows you to plug in your own merchant gateway account. This allows you to shop around and get the lowest rates available. If you’re a non-profit you’re eligible for rates as low at 1.5%

See the Savings!

We only charge a tiny flat rate fee per ticket. No additional percentage fees. The highest ticket service we will ever charge is $0.99 per ticket. If your on a Premium plan rate is just $0.79.  Free events are always free.