Why choose SimpleTix over TicketSpice?

See how SimpleTix compares to TicketSpice

Interactive Seating Charts


Impress Your Ticket Buyers

Patrons can view your entire venue and see what seats are available. You can even offer student/senior discounts right at the time of seat selection.

Use your own Square Account!

SimpleTix offer speedy 1-click checkout. No unnecessary sign-in or extra registration pages to hamper checkout.

Use Your Own Merchant Account!


SimpleTix charges a flat rate of $0.99 per ticket!

TicketSpice Charges $0.99 Plus a Custom Gateway fee (1% of transaction)


Payments with Square

With SimpleTix you can use you Square account to process payment on your SimpleTix event page. You can even use Square at your event and SimpleTix will automatically send eTickets.


Multi-Day Ticketing

Having a multi-day event where customers will be picking their own seats? With this feature customers can select and book the same seat for many days with a single click.


Membership Discounts

Have members? Want to offer them discounts on eTickets? With membership discounts you can offer free or discounted tickets to members.


Bundle Ticket Deals
Group many different events into a bundle deal

SimpleTix is the only ticketing app where you can select different events and put them into a bundle deal. For example you could select 5 different plays from your Fall Musicals and offer a deal on the bundle. Many sporting teams use this feature for season passes.

As soon as the order is complete, SimpleTix will generate the eTickets for each of the different events and email them to the customer.


Season Tickets

Want to offer a bundle discount of a select group of events? Like a Summer pass. With the season ticket feature you can group select events and offer them at discount rate.


Bulk Ticketing Printing

Want to pre-print 100-10,000 tickets? With SimpleTix you can generate a PDF of eTickets with 16 tickets per page. Then your local print shop and take care of printing these on thick card stock paper.


Attendee Import

Already have a list of attendees? No problem, you can import them into SimpleTix and we’ll generate & send the eTickets. You can later scan the eTickets with our apps.


A Better Check-In App

Our Android and iOS apps can check people in, scan their barcodes, search by their personal details, and keep track of entry progress. If the ticket has a pending payment – we’ll let you know. If they bought a members-only or student-only ticket – we’ll let you know too. TicketSpice does not offer those 2 features.