2022 Christmas Concert Series

  • Youngers Irish Tavern

    120 S Main St
    Romeo, Michigan 48065
Ticket Price $12.00 This event is now over

Come celebrate the holidays with the Romeo Gold Studios family at Youngers Irish Tavern, December 12-16. We have 5 consecutive shows scheduled, all beginning at 7pm.

You may reserve a seat of your choice by purchasing tickets in advance. Otherwise, remaining general admission tickets and seating will be available at the door on a first come, first served basis. There are limited tables and chairs set up in the general admission section. Doors open to the upstairs showroom at 6:30pm.

Price is $12 per ticket. Children ages 10 & under or students wearing RGS merch are free in the general admission section at any show (no need to purchase ticket). Free admission will not apply for reserved seating.

See the schedule below to find out which show your favorite performer will be in.

Monday, December 12

Lillian Cristensen

Sterling Danko

Isabella Demchik

Jimmy DiVirgilio

Daisi Dixon

Aaron Edwards

Ashley Ellerbrock

Julianna Fergan

Karstyn Filzek

Nolan Filzek

Samantha Girard

Victoria Girard

Gianna Hagerty

Olivia Iacona

Petra Kelley

Marissa Knepper

Major Kulis

Sawyer Lackowski

John Lemanski

Haylie Lester

Malana Mather

Cody Mathews

Logan Mathews

Maeve Michalski

Keegan Muscat

Porter Rice

Samantha Ricketts

Lily Smith

Ariabella Villagrana

Jeriah Villagrana

Anthony Vitale

Autumn Wade

Donna Welch

Lauren Wendt

Tuesday, December 13

Tom Cioli

Stephanie Danko

Armando DelGreco

Lydia Dominguez

Grayson Gizoni

Ella Goodsell

Cora Greer

Nathan Greer

Anne Hable

Marie Hable

Theresa Hable

William Harler

Matthew Kennedy

Emily Kubichar

Carter Mellits

Steve Molner

Carly Montelongo

Candice Rau

Ethan Rogers

Molly Rogers

Ryan Romano

Grace Schildgen

Jackson Schildgen

Oliver Smith

Carter Sutton

Sam Sutton

Ace Vrzovski

Christian Wanner

Douglas Zabick

Wednesday, December 14

Alexia Allagreen

Michael Aquilina

Makayla Brown

Bennett Cichoracki

Lauren Cross

Lee Doud

Jimmy DiVirgilio

Sean Earle

Jacob Gaffke

Madelyn Geibel

Cora Greer

Maci Hotter

Marissa Knepper

Chloe Kunz

Taylor Linneburg

Winona Masen

Wyatt Masen

Malana Mather

Makenna Mikolowski

Melodie Mitchell

Porter Rice

Aliya Rieber

Ava Sanborn

Evelyn Schabel

Tommy Schabel

Ema Steele

Mary Sullivan

Milena Thompson

Ellery Trudeau

Lauren Wendt

Abigail Wipp

Thursday, December 15

Jordan Compton

Isabella Demchik

Julia Demchik

Lyla Demchik

Abrianna Elliott

Cayden Elliott

Dario Evola

Dylan Herfert

Joanna Kleiner

Marissa Knepper

Lucas Kopanski

Ridley Maciejewski

Kyle McKiernan

Simone Miller

Josie Mirjavadi

Zach Mitchell

Brayden Mordell

Addy Motrinc

Finn Motrinc

Blake Murray

Rowen Nelson

Rosie Nelson

Sarah Ptak

Giuliana Rau

Stella Rau

Aubrey Richter

Addison Richter

Kennedy Stanczak

Autumn Wade

George Zora

Grace Zora

Friday, December 16

Archer Anderson

Breyanna Archer

Blake Bisbee

Gabe Byrne

Damion Earle

Hannah Garrison

Sara Gutierrez

Zack Hawes

Dylan Herfert

Chloe Kunz

Hunter Longthorne

Luke Leo

Garret Makaroff

Claire Mattia

Roxann McLane

Simone Miller

Josie Mirjavadi

Amy Moreno

Addy Motrinc

Finn Motrinc

Wyatt Mulholland

Madelyne Perry

Marian Phillips

Cash Purdy

Averlin Quinn

Finn Rice

Porter Rice

Sebastian Serra

Tiarrah Sova

Serena Ward

Douglas Zabick

Eddie Zaiglin

Elijah Zelenock

Venue Details

Youngers Irish Tavern

120 S Main St
Romeo, Michigan 48065 Youngers Irish Tavern
Romeo Gold Studios
Romeo's premier music center Romeo Gold Studios brings talent of all styles, levels and ages together to perform for the community multiple times throughout the year. We work very hard to bring a show that is not only an incredible experience for our students, but a performance that is truly entertaining for the audience. Hope to see you at our next showcase.

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