2024 BSides San Diego Trainings

  • March 30, 2024
  • San Diego State University

    6075 Aztec Circle Drive
    San Diego, California 92182
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We have three great trainings available for 2024! We are charging a small fee to ensure people who want the seats show up! 

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Attacking the Models: An Introduction to Adversarial Machine Learning  - 10:25-12:25
During this 2-hour escapade, you will explore adversarial ML techniques, from exploiting the models to bypassing their predictions. We'll start from scratch to teach you how to turn the tables on ML! by Travis Smith 

Blue Crab Shells: Getting Started with Offensive Rust Programming  12:35 - 2:35pm
Haven't you heard? Everything's getting rewritten in Rust! Not really, although it can sometimes feel like it. And if you're unfamiliar with the language, there can be serious FOMO. So let's get you started writing Rust binaries for Windows. Rust offers a lot of advantages for both red team operators and criminal malware developers. As it turns out, the first-party support from Microsoft for the Windows API is very robust. In this two-hour training, we'll go over the basics of the Rust language, set up our development environment, and write some offensive Rust code! Prior programming experience is expected, but we will go through everything necessary to get started with Rust. by Michael Taggart

Intro to Social Engineering - 3:00-4:55pm
A 2-hour course that will provide students an extensive crash course in the study, practice, and defense of social engineering. The course will include interactive elements/technology designed to make the session fun and engaging. In this course we will clearly define ‘social engineering’, cover the most common attack vectors utilized in this domain, and explore the history & development of social engineering. by Ed Miro

Date & Time

Mar 30, 2024 10:25 AM-4:55 PM

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San Diego State University

6075 Aztec Circle Drive
San Diego, California 92182 San Diego State University
BSides San Diego, Inc.