7th Ocha Zanmai: San Francisco International Conference on Chanoyu and Tea Culture

  • Jun 4 - 25, 2021
  • Pacific Standard Time

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College of Liberal & Creative Arts and Department of Modern Languages

at San Francisco State University



The7th Ocha Zanmai: San Francisco International Conference on Chanoyu and Tea Culture

Tea Culture in the Edo Period, 1603-1867.


Four Friday Evenings at 18:30 PDT 

Pacific Daylight Saving Time USA


June 4, June 11, June 18, and June 25, 2021


第7回お茶三昧: 茶の湯と茶文化に関するサンフランシスコ国際会議







The official language of this conference is English.

Each session has a Q & A session following the presentation.

Presentations in Japanese will be accompanied by English subtitles/translation.

Translator: Maiko Behr


6/4 18:30-20:00 PDT (日本時間6月5 日午前10時30分〜午後12時00分)

Welcoming Messages from the Co-hosts:

Andrew Harris, Dean, College of Liberal & Creative Arts, San Francisco State University

Charles Egan, Chair, Department of Modern Languages, San Francisco State University


"Searching for the Spirit of the Sages: The Japanese Tea Ceremony for Sencha.”

Patricia J. Graham

Research Associate, Center for East Asian Studies, University of Kansas

「賢⼈の精神を探ねて: ⽇本における煎茶道」 




6/11 18:30-19:30 PDT (日本時間6月12 日午前10時30分〜午前11時30分) 

 “Keen Eye, Cultivated Taste: the tea tradition and utensil collections of Lord Matsudaira Fumai”

MIYATAKE Yoshiyuki

Joint Research Associate, Kyoto and Tea Culture Research Center, Doshisha University

「松平不昧公の茶の湯と茶道具 ─見極め、育てる─」



6/18 18:30-19:30 PDT (日本時間6月19 日午前10時30分〜午前11時30分)


“A New View of Kobori Enshū: exploring the concept of kirei sabi


Independent scholar, tea history

「新しい小堀遠州像 ─『綺麗さびの茶』とは?」
6/18 20:00-20:30 PDT (日本時間6月19日午後12時〜午後12時30分
“The Roji Tea Garden as presented in Nanpōroku: with attention to Tachibana Jitsuzan's interpretation of the sōan ‘grass hut’ tea house”


Doctoral candidate, Waseda University, School of Graduate Studies
Research Fellow DC2, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science



6/25 18:30 – 20:15 PDT (日本時間6月26日午前10時30分〜午後12時45分)

Lecture & Demonstration (first time in history!)

“Hosokawa Sansai: tea of the feudal daimyo


Deputy Iemoto, Hosokawa Sansai School of Tea


「細川三斎 〜大名の茶の湯〜」


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6/4, 18:30 PDT6/5, 10:30 JAPNSenchaGraham1 hour +

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6/11, 18:30 PDT6/12, 10:30 JAPNMatsudaira Fumai’s TeaMiyatake1 hour +$15 + $2 fee
6/18, 18:30 PDT6/19, 10:30 JAPNKobori Enshu’s kirei sabiFukaya1 hour +

$15 + $2 fee


6/18, 20:00 PDT6/19, 12:00 JAPNRoji Tea GardenSakuramoto30 min. +$10 + $2 fee
6/25, 16:30 PDT6/26, 10:30 JAPNHosokawa Sansai School of TeaUmemura1 hour 45 min +$25 + $2 fee


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Date & Time

Jun 4 - 25, 2021

San Francisco State University

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