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Kentucky was more progressive than some states when it came to advancing the agenda for women’s suffrage. Many local leaders emerged that had a remarkable impact on efforts to lessen the gap in voting rights equality. These leaders are resting within several local cemeteries, from Cave Hill, Eastern, Louisville, and the Temple Cemetery. Join Michael Higgs and Gwen Rogers, from Cave Hill Cemetery, to learn more about the life and contributions of these remarkable citizens. Recently, the Cave Hill Heritage Foundation published a booklet profiling some of these leaders, Louisville Women and the Suffrage Movement: 100 Years of the 19th Amendment. 

Michael Higgs is the Manager of the Cave Hill Heritage Foundation. He is a 19-year veteran of the Cemetery, and oversees the long-term preservation of history within Cave Hill. Gwen Rogers, a docent with Cave Hill Heritage Foundation, is a retired history teacher. She has led group tours at many historic sites across the United States and Europe and has a special interest in women’s history. 

The Filson Historical Society, founded in 1884, is a privately-supported historical society dedicated to preserving the history of Kentucky and the Ohio Valley Region.