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Mindo Ziplining

  • Mindo's Zip Lining

    Km 2.5 vía las Cascadas, Mindo, Ecuador
    Mindo, Pichincha
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Half way up to the Cable Car & Waterfalls, you encounter Mindo Canopy, the longest running and original zip lining in Ecuador ran by highly skilled technicians. The Canopy is an adventure sport of a series of cables that allow you to fly through the sky and over the lush forests from one point to another. The ten cables range from 20m to 400m in length. All 10  cables are included with your pass.


All safety equipment is provided, such as a harness, helmet, gloves and pulleys. To start, professional guides give a talk in which you will learn the safety methods used during the tour, then join you on an adventure through the series of cables. The first cable begins on a platform. You walk from the arrival site of one cable to the departure site of the next one.  The walks vary between 4m and 150m.


Attraction Tips


You do not need to be strong for this experience, some of the walks in between cables can be somewhat intense. Any person age 6 years and above is welcome on this attraction. Children should be willing to canopy with a guide if necessary. While the cables are designed to hold thousands of pounds, harnesses are only designed up to an XL, making 330 lbs the approximate limit for this attraction. The upper age limit depends on the physical shape the person is in, taking into consideration restrictions for people with cardiac problems, high blood pressure and women who are pregnant.


What to Bring:

Insect repellant, comfortable shoes, long pants, light weight rain jacket, and the desire to enjoy nature and adventure.


Ride Alongs with Trained Guide:

Children and people who are afraid must go with a trained guide and not with a family member or friend.  The reason for this is that the guides are trained to accompany people and act immediately if the tourist has any questions or reactions that could occur.  Everyone walks together on the trails and waits at each platform, so you’ll be with your family and friends.

Venue Details

Mindo's Zip Lining

Km 2.5 vía las Cascadas, Mindo, Ecuador
Mindo, Pichincha Mindo's Zip Lining
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