A Crash Course in Kittening with Koshka Killawatt

  • September 17, 2023 2:00 PM - 3:45 PM
  • The Painted Mug Cafe

    1527 Jackson Street
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19145
Ticket Price $25.00 This event is now over

So, you want to be a stage kitten?

A stage kitten is the stage manager and stripper-picker-upper-galore commonly found at a burlesque production. But beyond gathering those dollar bills, what else does a stage kitten do? (Spoiler alert: *a lot*) 

In this workshop, burlesque performer Koshka Killawatt will go over what it is to be a stage kitten, take a quick dive into some burlesque history, share her tips and tricks, answer questions, and assist the group in participating in some live demos by Koshka and her partner, Drag King Travis Tea.


There are two steps up into the cafe and a single use, all-gender restroom. We are currently fundraising to build a ramp, and renovate the bathroom to accommodate the turning radius of a wheelchair. Not all tickets include seating, but guests who require seating for medical reasons should email thepaintedmugcafe@gmail.com to reserve seats at no additional cost.


We are located at 1527 Jackson Street, on the corner of Jackson and Mole,  just a few blocks from the BSL Subway and one block from the 2 and 79 busses. There is parking available in the neighborhood, but many streets immediately around the cafe have two-hour limits. Free, unrestricted parking is available a few blocks west of the cafe, and there is plenty of metered parking on Snyder, Passyunk, and Broad Street, all less than two blocks away.

Informed Consent Space

The Painted Mug is committed to ensuring all our guests are aware of what they may encounter in our space. While many of our events are sober events, we also host BYOB events and private events with Alcohol. We also have events with content that is not appropriate for all audiences. Please check the event description for more information about this specific event. 

COVID Policy

All guests much show proof of vaccination. Masking is always encouraged, but may also be required by staff when transmission rates are high. If you have questions about this or any other Painted Mug policy, please email thepaintedmugcafe@gmail.com 

Date & Time

Sun, Sep 17, 2023 2:00 PM - 3:45 PM

Venue Details

The Painted Mug Cafe

1527 Jackson Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19145 The Painted Mug Cafe
The Painted Mug Cafe

The Painted Mug Cafe, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a new performance space, venue for rent, and (soon-to-be) full-service café with espresso bar. ‘The Mug’ was developed by a collaborative team of queer artists seeking to serve and empower our LGBTQIA+ community through ambitious programming made accessible—physically and digitally. The café is on track to be worker-owned, and we will reinvest in the QTPOC and disabled artists of our city by prioritizing a shared narrative in our programming. ‘The Mug’ is an intentional LGBTQIA+ performance space and designed to decenter drugs and alcohol.

We seek to provide opportunities for growth for our member-artists, including access to work, talent-incubation, and professional development. We believe a performance space for queer artists designed by queer artists is as empowering as it is unique.

For our neighbors, we seek to be an LGBTQIA+ affirming asset of the community with great coffee, and the venue chosen to host those personal milestone events that will become lifelong happy memories.

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