A genre that has changed the world of heavy music beyond recognition. The history of nu-metal.

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It is no secret that the late 80s and early 90s were a landmark in the music industry. The development of technology, and consequently the cheapening of media and the improvement in music technology as a whole, contributed to the development of the music industry for years to come. People were fed up with heavy, thrash and groove metal - not in the least because of the mass commercialization of the representatives of these bands which made them lose their uniqueness and soul. People were fed up with the maximal pathos and wanted something new. And here, in the middle of 80s alternative metal appeared.

Alternative metal

Representatives of this genre liked to experiment with different genres, and it literally became a breath of fresh air for music fans of those years. Some of the brightest alt metal bands of those years were: Tool, Faith No More, Primus, Rage against the machine, and many others. Though their sound was different but they had one thing in common: they tried to evolve and do things different from what they had done before. At the same time they did all the same heavy music without exuding wild pathos and looking like normal people.

But teenagers of that era didn't feel close to these images. They wanted something heavier and much more aggressive, more personal, but understandable for every teenager. And then came new-metal. It was musicians of this genre began to use seven-string guitars, other instruments such as a DJ panel, synths and in general various electric instruments, as well as nu-metal musicians experienced the greatest influence from hip-hop, the greatest influence had the Beastie boys. They were one of the first nu-metal bands who started to decrease the guitar line, they left usual solos, the accent was made on the quality riffs mixed with those DJ's or synths. Lyrics of these bands oozed personal traumas and experiences and combined with more aggressive playing this gave not just a push but a cannon shot into the world of big music.

Korn, with their 1993 debut demo Neidermeyer's Mind, are considered the earliest representatives of the genre (but there are still debates about who was the first. I gave the most popular version). In the mid-90s the genre started to grow, mostly due to the above mentioned Korn and Deftones with their 1995 album (mp3 download) Adrenaline .

Near the end of the 90s there was a real explosion of new bands in the genre, which afterwards became cult bands. These bands include: Limp bizkit, Papa roach, System of a down, Godsmack, Soulfly, Slipknot, Crazy Town, Static x, Dope and many others. The early noughties were the peak of nu-metal popularity, such legendary albums as: Disturbed, 'The Sickness' (2000), Slipknot, 'Iowa' (2001), Linkin Park, 'Hybrid Theory' (2000), System of a Down, 'Toxicity' (2001), Papa Roach, 'Infest' (2000), etc. Many old timers and listeners in general began to accuse these bands of being overly commercialized (ironic, isn't it?), which was not far from the truth. It goes without saying that many of these bands were of interest to various popular labels. Countless bands of this genre started to appear and they differed from each other with little more than nothing and at best remembered only with one song. As a result, nu-metal became rather showy and senseless, which, like in the case of thrash and heavy metal, marked the beginning of their end, and even too high standards, set by the above-mentioned albums, no one could surpass. By the end of the noughties, emo and kor bands had responded to the needs of the youth, so nu-metal as we knew and loved it had died out. Undoubtedly, there were more than just good pieces by the old guys, but they couldn't reanimate the genre any more.

What about nowadays?

Some oldies like Slipknot and Korn are doing quite well. They have updated their sound a bit, while remaining the same nu-metal. Of the modern bands it's hard to identify the obvious representatives, but there are a lot of inspired ones. Fever 333, or modern Bring me the horizon.


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