"A Piece of Me" Writers' Showcase

  • June 7 - 9, 2024
  • HomeLife Academy

    3563 North Highland Avenue
    Jackson, Tennessee 38305
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A Piece of Me: Writers' Showcase

A longing for connection. The daunting concept of vulnerability. Fear of rejection. The hope of being known and wanted. Feeling that we belong in the presence of another. 

We all have an internal battle when it comes to the necessity of connecting with those around us. Do we open ourselves up to the potential of being turned away? Do we take the initiative to reach out?

Not only are these themes the common thread that ties our showcase together, they are also the introspective questions that our writers have ventured to answer through their own creative process.This year, ETD Stories is so excited to tell a variety of personal stories written by 5 of our company members! Each of these writers have stepped forward and declared in their own way, “I will share… A Piece of Me.” What could be on the other side of vulnerability?

Join us for an unforgettable night of storytelling and camaraderie, and let the words of these gifted writers touch your heart and spark your own creativity. We can't wait to see you there! Join us June 7th-9th!

Date & Time

Jun 7 - 9, 2024

Venue Details

HomeLife Academy

3563 North Highland Avenue
Jackson, Tennessee 38305 HomeLife Academy
Enlightening The Dark

The title “Enlightening the Dark” comes from the idea that darkness exists in various forms. Sometimes it’s heartache and pain, other times it’s abuse and hate, it can even be ignorance and judgement. Regardless of the circumstances, we believe that light always casts out darkness and EN-lightening the individuals involved, brings empowerment and hope. It is our goal to confront the darkness that youth face by enlightening them through truth and the strength to tell their stories. We raise awareness about important issues and strive to gain wisdom as we embrace our gifts and shortcomings. The main aspect of "darkness" that we hope to learn from is that of stories untold or misunderstood.