• May 10 - 12, 2024
  • The Amana Performing Arts Center

    39 38th Avenue
    Amana, Iowa 52203
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Eddie, a middle-aged guy living a normal life, has just discovered he has the ability to vanish at will. Really! His friends Marty and Darrell are impressed but not much help, and to his bafflement, he can’t vanish at all in the presence of his wife Beth, so she doesn’t believe him. With his life in chaos, he reluctantly consults a young and slightly unorthodox counselor, who may have answers but may also have a few questions; because life, after all, is never tidy. Playing fast and loose with time, place and imagination, A TRICK OF THE LIGHT hilariously explores the ordinariness of the extraordinary and exactly what constitutes a life well lived.

Date & Time

May 10 - 12, 2024

Venue Details

The Amana Performing Arts Center

39 38th Avenue
Amana, Iowa 52203 The Amana Performing Arts Center
TKM Theatrical Productions

TKM THEATRICAL PRODUCTIONS is a non-profit 501(c)(3) and charitable organization.

Tom Milligan has been a working theatrical professional for the past 45+ years, working as an actor, director, scene designer, producer, and writer. Originally from Des Moines, companies credited to his resume include Charlie's Showplace Dinner Theatre, The Drake Opera, The Drama Workshop, The Old Creamery Theatre Company, The Iowa Theatre Artists Company, as well as many other arts groups around the state.

Deb Kennedy has been working professionally for the past 25 years, working throughout the Midwest onstage, offstage, touring, and occasionally onscreen. 

Deb & Tom’s career paths crossed in 2005, where they quickly realized they were a great creative team, and the production Team of Kennedy & Milligan (TKM THEATRICAL PRODUCTIONS) was established in 2014.

Theatre is a community. It’s laughter, its family, it’s an escape. Our mission is simple. We want to make you laugh, and bring people together with their friends, neighbors, and families. Our goal is to provide affordable entertainment to the Amana Colonies and the surrounding rural communities of Iowa. We strive to provide diverse entertainment, and life enriching projects, with offerings ranging from dinner theatre productions, comedies, live music, or children's plays and workshops. Basically, our goal is to bring fun and LAUGHTER to our community!

Visit us at our website! 

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