A Wind in the Door

  • March 15 - 16, 2024
  • Martha J. Rich Theater at Thetford Academy

    304 Academy Road
    Thetford, Vermont 05075
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If you wish to attend the One-Act Competition Regional Festival at Thetford Academy on March 23, 

please buy tickets at this link: One-Act Festival: Regionals at Thetford Academy. 

Thetford Academy Drama Department presents the one-act play

 A Wind in the Door.

Adapted by Peter Royston from the novel by Madeleine L'Engle

This production is part of the Vermont State Drama Council’s One Act Festival. Thetford Academy is proud to host schools from around the state for one of the regional festivals on March 23.    


Meg Murry (Piper Leibon), the fierce and fiery heroine of Madeleine L’Engle’s classic novel A Wrinkle in Time, is back in this ground-breaking sequel! In A Wrinkle in Time, Meg, Calvin (Preston Perkins), and Charles Wallace (Natalie Lewis) journeyed to outer space to save the universe, but in A Wind in the Door, their destination is inner space. With the assistance of the cherubim Proginoskes (Ramona Spelman), the wizard teacher, Blajeny (Hanae Debo), and the unlikely hero of the elementary school principal Mr. Jenkins (Grace Brown), Meg and Calvin struggle to save Charles Wallace's life by shrinking down to explore the universe between his cells and atoms. There they meet Sporos (Grace Brown), a spoiled and arrogant microscopic creature, and confront the evil spreading across the universe. A breathtaking science fiction adventure story, A Wind in the Door speaks to the growing separations between US and THEM and how we can bridge the gap between people. 


"I am so looking forward to seeing the students at Thetford Academy bring the story of A Wind In the Door to life. Madeleine L'Engle's message of understanding, inclusion and equality that runs through A Wind in the Door is needed these days more than ever, and from what I've seen while visiting Mr. Seabaugh's class through zoom, these students and this cast are taking on that message with confidence and audacity. I can't wait to meet them in person and see their work!" - Playrwright, Peter Royston⁠


The cast includes: Grace Brown, Hanae Debo, Kaya Freeman, Wren Grant, Piper Leibon, Natalie Lewis, Preston Perkins, Ramona Spelman, Zurael Star, Jillian Fein, Eliza Knowlton-Young, Andre Whiteberg, Margaret Smallwood, Finn Liland, and Lola Squire.  

Lighting, Sound, and Set Design, and Original Orchestration: Hugo Billiau. 

Sound Board Operator: Acadia Cook.

Date & Time

Mar 15 - 16, 2024

Venue Details

Martha J. Rich Theater at Thetford Academy

304 Academy Road
Thetford, Vermont 05075 Martha J. Rich Theater at Thetford Academy
Thetford Academy

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