Abigail && Monkey Man

  • April 19 - 28, 2024
  • Blue Grass Drive-In Theater

    774 W Mayne Street
    Blue Grass, Iowa 52726
Ticket Price $3.00-$10.00 This event is now over

Join us at the Blue Grass Drive-In for a captivating night featuring the intriguing double feature of Abigail and Monkey Man.

First, explore the mysterious and enchanting world of Abigail, a film that delves into hidden powers and secret cities. Follow a young heroine as she unravels the truth about her past and discovers a magical realm that defies her reality.

Then, shift gears with Monkey Man, an action-packed journey filled with revenge and redemption. Witness the transformation of a man, fueled by his dark past, as he navigates the gritty underworld on a quest for justice.

Tune into our FM broadcast and let these stories of discovery and determination transport you. The gate opens at 6 PM on Fri-Sat-Sun, with movies beginning at dusk. Secure your spot for this enthralling double feature, where fantasy meets fierce resolve.

Date & Time

Apr 19 - 28, 2024

Venue Details

Blue Grass Drive-In Theater

774 W Mayne Street
Blue Grass, Iowa 52726 Blue Grass Drive-In Theater
Blue Grass Drive-In

Blue Grass Drive-In Theater is the newest all-digital multi-screen drive-in theater in Iowa. We are open Fri-Sat-Sun during Spring, and Fall and we are open seven days a week in the fall. New movies are posted every Tuesday.

You can find more information about the drive-in at https://bgdrive.in/frequently-asked-questions/

Gate and ticket booth open at 6 pm Friday/Saturday/Sunday, and 7 pm Monday-Thursday.