All So Hot

  • Dec 31, 2023 11:00 PM - Jan 1, 2024 6:00 AM
  • Yellow Mailbox

    Somerville, Massachusetts 02143
Ticket Price $40.00-$55.00 This event is now over

The idea is that one person buys one ticket ;) 


If you're here, then you should know the rules. They haven't changed. 

This is how we will stay in touch!

For this event, get dressed up! We want you to come as your hottest self. Be amazing. 

11:00 PM Doors
Ends when it ends


LOCATION will be sent out that day

This event is 21+

No Refunds

Low cost tickets are available to those in need. Email before doors

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Date & Time

Dec 31, 2023 11:00 PM - Jan 1, 2024 6:00 AM

Venue Details

Yellow Mailbox

Somerville, Massachusetts 02143 Yellow Mailbox

We host private events with limited capacity. 
We use the email list to limit the numbers so we can keep the party safe and we will be checking it at the door. If you want anyone invited, send them here to have them added to the email list. If someone has received a ticket and they’re not on our email list, then they’re not getting in until they are on that list. Not comfortable with being on a list? Cool, there’s other parties that won’t care.

If you feel sick, stay home. Take a COVID test before coming. Be cool.

When interacting with folks, practice affirmative consent. This means ANYTHING other than a “Hell freaking yaaas!” is a no. Harassment will not be tolerated. Consent can be revoked at any time without explanation. A yes once is not a yes forever. You’re not entitled to anything with anyone just because they've said yes to you in the past, or did so earlier that night. If you touch someone and they’re not psyched that you did this, we will ask you to leave.

Respect the space. Do you want more of these events? 
Cool, glad we had this talk.

No smoking inside. Vape if you have to.

Be nice to my friend! We’re all in this together. If something’s going on, pass it along so we can help out. Ask folks how they’re doing and make some friends.

Photos and Videos are a thing. If you wouldn’t want your mom to see you doing it, don’t take a photo or video of someone else doing it. Don't take any photos or videos of anything that could negatively affect another person socially or professionally. If someone says, delete that, you’re gonna delete it or you’re leaving.

I know that I just said that bit about videos but you should also know that we’re gonna take videos of you dancing because our parties are cool and we want to show them off so you should know that you could get on the Internet. By being in the space, you’re consenting to getting documented.

Follow the rules. If you don’t, you won’t be admitted to future events.

Finally, this is 21+ event. BYO and be prepared to share.