All Things Peptides Live Virtual Masterclass

  • June 7 - 8, 2024
  • Eastern Standard Time

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(ticket holders will be provided recording & access to all materials)

MedMasters aims to educate and empower you with legitimate resources to deliver superior therapies, strategies, and practical implementation.  By raising the standard of care in peptides and advanced biologics, we are revolutionizing patient outcomes.  This masterclass won't just enrich knowledge but will open doors to new revenue streams, ensuring you can thrive while delivering exceptional care.

What will you learn?

  • Peptides and HCT/P 101:  Understand the science behind these promising therapies, their potential application, and current research
  • Regulatory and Resource Overview:  Demystify regulatory hurdles and identify trusted resources for peptide and advanced therapies
  • Pharmacy Changes for Peptides:  Hear the latest regulations to navigate peptide prescribing
  • Alternatives to Peptides:  Explore how to replace the peptides no longer available
  • Gut Health:  With the gut as the foundation of overall health, leverage peptides and HCT/P
  • Optimizing Performance:  Up-level mental, physical, and emotional performance with regenerative products
  • Aesthetics:  Outward beauty stems from inward health.  Proper topical peptide use
  • Musculoskeletal Connection:  Understand when and where to use peptides and HCT/P for various injuries
  • GLP-1 Resistance:  Did you know mold exposure can create resistance to weight-loss peptides?
  • Practical Implementation:  Take home clinical protocols for use on Monday morning
  • Consent Forms and Practice Protection:  What needs to be for practice security
  • Cardio-Protective Benefits of Peptides:  Overview of research and data in preventing and treating cardiovascular condition
  • Peptide and Stem Cell Production:  Biophotonic technology to  motivate indigenous peptide and stem cell production
  • Longevity:  Optimizing health span through metabolism
  • Email Marketing Strategies:  Implement targeted email campaigns to promote new services and attract patients
  • Social Media:  How to talk about these therapies on social media
Date & Time

Jun 7, 2024 9:00 AM - Jun 8, 2024 4:00 PM

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