American Monster

  • Fort Myers Theatre

    16120 San Carlos Boulevard
    Fort Myers, Florida 33908
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Taking true crime off the screen and putting it right on stage, Gold Theatricals presents American Monster, an interactive and multimedia presentation by Jeff Mudgett. Mudgett is a self taught investigative author, molded from a life that has seen him carry many titles. From being a Merchant Marine to trial attorney to business owner, Jeff had decided to leave all the adventure behind when a family secret was revealed to him…he is the great-great grandson of America’s most prolific serial killer, HH Holmes.


Jeff was immediately hooked and using his investigative skills began to dive into his own family history - a history far stranger than the many shows that have dared tell it, claim. In this theatrical presentation, Mudgett will take you on an interactive and compelling trip through the evidence gathered since the initial family revelation, including swearing attendees in as the jury! He intends to expose truths to audiences, with irrefutable evidence, that HH Holmes may have very well been Jack The Ripper. There will be a question and answer session after the show as well.


If you are a lover of True Crime, a history buff, or just someone intrigued by mystery, grab your tickets today! So bring your partner in “crime” and become immersed in the mystery that caught the attention of The History Channel and Hulu who is creating a Martin Scorcese directed series based on HH Holmes.

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Fort Myers Theatre

16120 San Carlos Boulevard
Fort Myers, Florida 33908 Fort Myers Theatre
Ft Myers Theatre

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