August Series Classes 2023

  • August 3 - 10, 2023
  • The Fed

    2312 San Gabriel Street
    Austin, Texas 78705
Ticket Price $15.00-$45.00 This event is now over

August Series Classes Runs from August 1st to August 31st (4 weeks total, skipping August 24 for workshops). You can also purchase your dance pass ahead of time here to save money (Usually $8, here it's $5/Thursday dance). 


Classes 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM ($45 for the month online / $50 at the  door)

Lindy Core -  

Prereq: Lindy Foundations

These classes will focus on moves that reinforce technique, transitions with Charleston, and introduce musicality.


Lindy Plus -

Prereq: 3 months of Lindy Core

This class is heavily focused on technique to build your lindy vocabulary, musicality, connection, momentum and flow, as well as stylistic options to foster your own creativity.


Balboa -

Prereq: None

Your journey into Balboa begins here! No experience required! In this series, you will learn the Bal basics; partner connection, 8-count rhythm and footwork. Learn more about Balboa in our Instagram highlights!


Classes 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM ($45 for the month  / $50 at the  door)

Collegiate Shag -  

Prereq: None

Collegiate shag is a fun, energetic swing dance. In this class you will learn enough to start social dancing in the ballroom the same night! Come see what the hype is about. Learn more about Shag  in our Instagram highlights!


Advanced Balboa -

Prereq: Beginner Balboa Content

This class will focus on expanding your repertoire of Balboa moves, learn more variations, continue to work on flow, and dive deeper into partner communication and musicality.


Lindy Hop Foundations -

Prereq: None

Your journey into Lindy Hop begins here! No prior experience required. This class is a four-week introductory series designed to be taken as many times as you want. Learn more about  Lindy Hop in our Instagram highlights!






Date & Time

Aug 3 - 10, 2023

Venue Details

The Fed

2312 San Gabriel Street
Austin, Texas 78705 The Fed
Austin Swing Syndicate

The Austin Swing Syndicate holds one of the longest running and best attended weekly swing dances in the country. Since 1999 our Thursday night dance at the Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs (or as we call it, The Fed) consistently draws 200 people each week.

The Austin Swing Syndicate is a non-profit 501(c)(3), all-ages organization devoted to the care and growth of the Austin swing and Lindy Hop dance community. Austin is fortunate to have one of the largest, best, and friendliest swing dance communities in the United States. Our goal is to maintain this supportive and welcoming environment for as diverse a group as Austin has to offer!

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