"Australian Theatres Unveiled" - Limited Exhibition Series

  • July 27 - 29, 2024
  • Parenthesy Studio

    71 Nicholson Street
    Brunswick East, Victoria 3057
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Capturing the unique facades of the major theatres across the east-coast of Australia, from the sunny shores of Sydney NSW to the brisk airs in Hobart TAS, and the longstanding icons in Melbourne VIC, celebrate in the iconic architecture and design of some of the oldest theatre spaces in the country in this limited exhibition series "Australian Theatres Unveiled" - captured and curated by Cameron Grant.

Join this official exhibition launch in the first ever collection of it's kind with a collection of over 30+ carefully curated fine art images, this gallery celebrates the unique features and hidden spectacles of many of the major theatres across Australia, in a pursuit to complete the collection with inclusions from theatres in Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Darwin before the end of 2024.

These spectacular homages to the iconic theatre venues will be sold in a strictly limited release. With over 30+ fine art pieces in this first edition launch, you could own a piece of Australian history that celebrates the temples of our art.

With an aim to create showstopping household pieces that capture the beauty of the buildings we as artists thrive in, these prints are a perfect gift for any theatre lover - whether performer, patron, or usher.

*The building is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible, as there is one flight of stairs to climb upon entering the venue [with no accessible lift]. If this proves a concern for you, please, do get in contact and we can organise a solution together to ensure you can see the works.

Date & Time

Jul 27 - 29, 2024

Venue Details

Parenthesy Studio

71 Nicholson Street
Brunswick East, Victoria 3057 Parenthesy Studio

My name's Cameron Grant, I'm a portrait and live-performance photographer based in Melbourne. I'm passionate about crafting memorable and dynamic imagery with three-dimensional impact. I've photographed musicals on the largest stages in the Country, right down to the smallest cabaret venues with milk crates for seats. At the heart of every show and performer is a total need to have a story told, earnestly and honestly.

Want to learn more about how you can be involved in this journey? Read more about my involvement in the community, or contact me directly by visiting my website at parenthesy.com.au or following the social links provided.

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