AVHRRC Second Annual Veterans Commemoration and Swing Dance - The Historic Valencia Ballroom in downtown York, PA

  • April 6 - October 26, 2024
  • The Valencia Ballroom

    110 North George Street
    York, Pennsylvania 17401
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We will be holding our second nonprofit event: The recently formed, American Veterans Honor and Reflective Remembrance Committee (AVHRRC) is replicating our Fall Signature Event on October 26th, 2024 at the historic Valencia Ballroom in downtown York, PA. It will be our second Annual Veterans Commemoration and Swing Dance. Now that the Valencia has agreed to co-host our event and will be our flagship venue for all our future events. We will be reaching out to the local business community to assist this event for our veterans.

Please consider coming to this very special event focused on our dwindling number of surviving WWII/Korean War veterans in the Pennsylvania area. "I'll Be Seeing You, In All the Old Familiar Places". Please visit the website for updates to follow in the coming month's. It will be truly a hoot. www.avhrrc.org for many interesting facts of WW2. Next spring, we will be pivoting to Doo Wop and the 1950's.

Date & Time

Apr 6 - Oct 26, 2024

Venue Details

The Valencia Ballroom

110 North George Street
York, Pennsylvania 17401 The Valencia Ballroom
American Veterans Honor & Reflective Remembrance Committee

Mission Statement: Our organizational creed provides excellence in the historical portrayal of Military Entertainment Events to gather and honor American Veterans through period portrayal events. Our goal is to enhance awareness through entertainment, reenactments, period food recreations, room bookings for veterans, airport transportation, living history accountings, and video recordings. No alcoholic beverages will be served at our events, as they are always to be family-oriented.  

A Military chaplain will always be present at all our events, and Taps will be played honoring veterans, living and deceased. My committee and staff are held to the highest standards of integrity, and professional customer service. We will provide exceptional care for the needs of attending veterans. Entertainment accuracy is essential to portrayals of conflict periods in U.S. military history. 2024 will be the year to honor all women of WW2, from the home front, working in the factories, the farms, the military branches all across America and overseas. In the coming years as our organization matures, we will continue to honor veterans of all armed conflicts to include the Korean War, Vietnam, Gulf War, and current American commitments abroad. We strive to provide period entertainment, great food, and fellowship to our veterans and their families. Why can’t our veterans enjoy a day off and become 18 once more, swinging to Glen Miller, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, the Grass Roots or any current musical genre down the road.

Let us always remember the sacrifices made by all our American Patriots, with so many making the ultimate sacrifice to keep our amazing country free. We will never forget them. Please remember to thank a serviceman or servicewomen, when you see them. They are our current “Greatest Generation” and deserve your continued support, a simple thank you for their service is required.