Awakening to the Spirit of the Seasons: Winter 2023 - Calgary

  • Sat., Jan. 28, 2023 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
  • Rising Earth Collective Calgary

    1316 101 Street Southwest
    Calgary, Alberta T3H 3Z4
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You will be joining Kimberley, Bonnie, Melissa and a special guest for a full day and evening immersion into the heart of the season. This will be an exploration of our relationship to the natural world, how do we move through the different aspects of the seasons? What are our unique needs in summer as opposed to winter? What emotions are associated with which season?
Gratitude. Stillness. Reflection.

Melissa Deer Heart will open the day with the introduction of the Despacho (Gratitude Ceremony). The day will be an invitation to co-create our visions and dreams with Spirit through the offering of the Despacho. May we slow down and trust that our hearts are held as we first offer gratitude then speak our dreams and send what is cultivated in our hearts to Mother Earth through this offering.  

Despacho translated from Spanish is to send. The Despacho as it has been taught to Melissa from the Q’ero lineage is an offering of gratitude to Pachamama. This can resemble a beautiful mandala on paper created with offerings such as flowers, shells, leaves, cacao, seeds, herbs and so on. Each participant will have the opportunity to offer with one’s own hand and express gratitude from the heart. When this is complete the Despacho is then offered to the Earth in one of three ways - to water, fire, or buried in the ground. 

Kimberley Conard will be joining us as a ceremonial guide to support us through our journey of the Spirit of Winter. She will support us in developing and deepening our relationship with the season and our unique needs, as well as facilitating time for stillness and reflection.

The day will continue with a traditional breathwork practice from special guest Emily Neuheimer. "When the breath is unsteady, the mind is unsteady. When the breath is steady, the mind is steady, and the yogi becomes steady" - The Hatha Yoga Pradipika. When balance is created through focused attention to breath practices, the mind stills, the senses quiet, and the ego-personality begins to dissolve. In this breathwork practice, we will challenge the respiratory system to work in different ways while building a controlled momentum with the breath. This will enable us to close the practice by sinking into an incredibly deep state of rest, stillness, and steadiness.

In the afternoon, Bonnie Heine will lead us through a restorative yoga class designed to mirror the stillness and the quiet of the dormant Earth in the winter season. While all of nature is resting and hibernating, we will lovingly accept the invitation to do the same. Winter is the time to rest and conserve our energy as we turn inwards to connect with our inner silence and quiet guidance. This nurturing practice will allow you to explore your inner world, and make space for your intuition, inner wisdom, and creative potential to be born again. Now is the time to go inward, for it is only through deep rest that true healing and vital rejuvenation can be accessed.

Following yoga, Melissa will return to support our practice of pausing into the season of Winter with Sound Healing. Sound can be a mystical doorway through which we walk to explore our inner world. Calling the gaze towards the heart and illuminating the shadow self within. As we journey with sound we can be taken to a place of remembering our true authentic self. As we find stillness in the winter and reflection. We can also spark and ignite joy. This winter season may we quiet the mind, listen to the heart, and receive the ancient wisdom of the soul's lineage within. 

To close out our day of gratitude, stillness and reflection we will gather together around a fire to offer the Despacho and offer final teachings of the day.
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Date & Time

Sat., Jan. 28, 2023 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

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Rising Earth Collective Calgary

1316 101 Street Southwest
Calgary, Alberta T3H 3Z4 Rising Earth Collective Calgary
Rising Earth Collective