Baby & Me Time + 1 Large Coffee - Mondays at Rainbow! - JUNE & JULY PROMO

  • June 24 - July 29, 2024
  • Rainbow Play Cafe

    921 12th st
    New Westminster, British Columbia V3M2R7
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Join us for our Baby and Me Time every Monday in July at 10:00AM at Rainbow Play Cafe and enjoy one large coffee!


Schedule that much-needed playdate with your mommy friend, or just plan a fun visit with your baby and enjoy some bonding and quality time while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee at a special price!


During the month of April, we will have 'Baby and Me Time' at a special rate! Only $10 + GST and 1 Large Latte* is included! We have limited capacity, so pre-registration is required. 



Babies can benefit greatly from bonding and quiality time with mom. Not only does it introduce the concept of group experiences, it exposes babies to social interactions and provides a sense of belonging.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Bonding time with mommy! - Especially for the first months of their life, babies need to know parents are there for them. Offering them quality time through a play time it's a great way to connect and bond with your little one!
  • Discovering Hands! - Gaining the ability to touch what they see it's a great milestone for babies. Circle time exposes babies to new toys, colors, shapes and textures and it is the perfect way to stimulate this new ability!
  • New sensory experiences - A great opportunity for parents and babies to engage in active learning experiences, delivered in a collaborative way!
  • Introduction to Music and Rhymes - It's never too early to take your baby to a circle time. Early introduction to music and hearing music of varying tempos through sing-along time is a great way to introduce the concept of music in babies. Plus, Puppets and songs are a fun way to tell stories and rhymes!
  • New faces! - Babies love looking at human faces and this allows them to get them up close with other babies.



  • Admission for 1 hour and a half for 1 baby (0 to 12 months old) and 1 parent or caregiver.
  • Plus 1 Large Coffee (*regular milk, choose between Iced or hot; decaf or regular)



  • $8+GST second sibling discount admission (any age)
  • $5+GST extra adult
  • Switch to Oat, Almond or Soy Milk for $0.75 cents extra
  • Add 3 Pumps of Flavour to your latte for $1 dl extra (choose from our most popular flavours: Salted Caramel, French Vanilla, Hazelnut or Toasted Marshmallow!)


Come join us for a morning full of fun and early stimulation activities. Connect with other local mommies, and have fun!



Date & Time

Jun. 24 - Jul. 29, 2024

Venue Details

Rainbow Play Cafe

921 12th st
New Westminster, British Columbia V3M2R7 Rainbow Play Cafe