Beat the Blues Game Day Registration

  • January 20, 2024
  • Fireside Winery

    1755 P Avenue
    Marengo, Iowa 52301
Ticket Price $0.00-$20.00 This event is now over

Winter blues got you down? Have no fear-- Fireside's Beat the Blues Game Day is back! Register for our game competitions here, or come earlier in the day with your friends to leisurely play all the games we'll have out for you.

Team Puzzle Competition 2:00 PM

(Purchase only 1 ticket per team)

Grab your family and friends in a group of 4 to compete against local puzzle fanatics (and amateurs) for an incredible Fireside wine prize! Your team will have an hour to complete a 500 piece puzzle. The fastest will win! $20 per team covers registration and taking the puzzle home with you to keep when finished.


No additional props or help allowed. Teams must be at their tables ready at the 2:00 PM start time to qualify. The puzzle will be face down until after the announcer starts the timer, or the team will be disqualified. Once completed, every missing puzzle piece will add 10 seconds to the team's final time. The team with the lowest final time will win the grand prize!

Team Scrabble Competition 3:30 PM

(Purchase only 1 ticket per team)

Keep the team excitement rolling with our brain-boggling Scrabble competition! In this free competition, your team will get an entire Scrabble game and board to yourself. Build as many words with tiles as you can on the board in 30 minutes (a theme will be announced at the time of the competition). When time is up, add up your points from all your words. The team with the highest number of points will read off all of their words. Other teams and Fireside judges will then have a chance to contest or veto words that may not count. After the points are verified, the team with the most points will win the grand prize!


Words will be contested by other teams and assessed by the judge(s) for verification or elimination based on if it is a real word and/or if it is pertaining to the theme. When the competition is over, if the leading team has words (and therefore points) eliminated by the judges, and the team with the second highest amount of points is now in the lead, the judging process will move onto them and that team will read their words out loud for verification of points. 

Individual Tenzi Competition 4:30 PM

This fun, fast-paced game of chance challenges you to roll ten dice until you achieve the requirements of the round! There will be three rounds with different challenges to complete. The challenges might include rolling ten of the same number, 2 straights of 1-5, other number combinations, and/or stacking dice in order to win. The first person to complete each round's challenge will win a prize!

Date & Time

Jan 20, 2024 2:00 PM-5:00 PM

Venue Details

Fireside Winery

1755 P Avenue
Marengo, Iowa 52301 Fireside Winery