Benefit Concert for Refugees of Manipur, India

  • July 21, 2023 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Daydreamer

    7315 North Fessenden Street
    Portland, Oregon 97203
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Benefit Concert for Refugees of Manipur - Tribal homeland of Desi Chai and Diaspora Coffee

featuring music by Audrey Voon & Friends

Friends, please join us in hosting Audrey Voon for an evening of gorgeous vocals and heartfelt music 🎶 to benefit refugees of the crisis unfolding in NE India 🇮🇳 where ancestral tribes are being ethnically cleansed (yes, you read that right) for state-sponsored development. Let’s raise awareness and funds to directly support refugees through NAMTA – the North American Manipur Tribal Association. @namtaus


Since May 3rd, the tribal people of Manipur in the foothills of the Himalayas in northeastern India have been in crisis due to state supported ethnic cleansing. More than 100 people have been killed by violent extremists and nearly 36,000 have been displaced as their homes and churches were set ablaze.


This has impacted the Daydreamer family. Manipur is the home of Sam Khaute, founder of Desi Chai & Diaspora Coffee, and whose chai we have been serving since 2018. He brews his chai by hand from a family recipe. But that family is now subject of violence. Sam’s parents, brother, and sister-in-law are separated and on the run. This is just one family. The area is home to more than 1.2 million tribal citizens speaking 35 languages.


We love our friend Sam and we know you love his chai. It would not be what it is without his family and their amazing cultural heritage. Let’s show our support.


Tickets are just $10, and your business can sponsor the event. Can’t attend? please consider donating directly, sponsoring, or just sharing the event. Thank you. 🙏


100% of proceeds to benefit The North American Manipur Tribal Association (NAMTA) a non-profit with the following mission:

"1. Perpetuate, preserve, and maintain the heritage of the peoples of the hill-tribes of Manipur. 

2. Promote their culture, history, and awareness. 

3. Assist and aid North American immigrants, students, and visitors from the hill-tribes of Manipur to settle and assimilate with the mainstream in America.

4. Advocate for the promotion and protection of civil, property, and political rights of the peoples of the hill tribes of Manipur

5. Solicit, raise and disburse funds for humanitarian, cultural, educational, and economic developmental causes and activities directly or in cooperation with other not-for-profit organizations in North America, India or across the world to meet the aforementioned purposes.

We are proud American citizens, taxpayers, and students, all of whom originate from the hill tribes of Manipur, an area that has a rich history which can been traced back to 100 AD, and through oral traditions, genealogies that are traced back over 47 generations."

Date & Time

Fri, Jul 21, 2023 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

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7315 North Fessenden Street
Portland, Oregon 97203 Daydreamer

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