Blank Page Theatre Co. Summer New Works Festival

  • Jul 28 - 30, 2023
  • 41 Park Row

    41 Park Row Manhattan
    New York, New York 10038
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Blank Page Theatre Co. is an up and coming theatre company based out of Brooklyn, NY. Each year they change their theme of work to embody the social climate at that time, and give new playwrights the platform to work on a new piece with a director and a set of actors. - The festival includes four new works, all following the theme of government reversal.

"Road Trip," By James McLindon Synopsis: A teenager needs to talk to her best friend about the surprise road trip she’s on, but can’t say where she’s going, who she’s with ... or why. 

"The Senator and His Wife Go on Retreat," By Alli Hartley-Kong. Synopsis: A senator and his wife go on retreat from campaigning. The senator's wife has a journey of self-discovery after a traumatic event. While the senator is focused on how to get more voters.

"This Grass Kills People," By Daniel Prillaman. Synopsis: After a city is plagued with a strange phenomenon, Emerson believes the city has not gone back to normal, but others don't always agree. Who do you believe? 

"Don’t Say Gay," By Colin Gallagher. Synopsis: In Southern Florida, the night before the “Don’t Say Gay” law goes into effect, three LGBTQQIA+ teacher friends run into each other in the school parking lot. One is putting up protest flyers, one packs her belongings to leave, and the third is getting ready to carry out justice by any means necessary. Each confronts the other about their actions, fears, and hopes for the future while fighting to keep going forward despite being silenced.

Date & Time

Jul 28 - 30, 2023

Venue Details

41 Park Row

41 Park Row Manhattan
New York, New York 10038 41 Park Row
Blank Page Theatre Company

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