🌿Botanical💃🏽 Burlesque Workshop🌟

  • February 15 - July 18, 2024
  • The Green Room on Ventura

    14082 Ventura Boulevard
    Los Angeles, California 91423
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Unveil Your Inner 🌟 Star at the 🌿Botanical Burlesque 💃🏽 Workshop

This evening is not just a workshop; it's a journey to discovering your most captivating self, regardless of your prior dance experience.

Immerse yourself in the art of allure and expression with our Botanical Burlesque Workshop, set in the enchanting Green Room.  Our expert instructors are ready to lead you through the mesmerizing world of burlesque...


Teaching you everything from sultry dance techniques to the finesse of costume stylization...

...all while incorporating the unique twist of our sponsors cannabis products. It's an opportunity to explore your sensuality, boost your confidence, and learn the art of the tease in a supportive and vibrant environment.

Perfect for both the experienced dancer and the intrigued novice

Our workshop promises an atmosphere of creativity, self-expression, and empowerment. And to make your experience even more special, each ticket includes a complimentary gift, adding an extra touch of luxury to your evening. 


Open exclusively to those 21 and up, this workshop offers a safe space to explore and express yourself freely. Don't miss this chance to step into your power and dazzle, both on stage and in life.

Secure your spot now and prepare to leave feeling more empowered, expressive, and exuberant than ever before. 

Welcome to Botanical Burlesque, where every move is a step towards embracing your inner star.

Date & Time

Feb 15 - Jul 18, 2024

Venue Details

The Green Room on Ventura

14082 Ventura Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 91423 The Green Room on Ventura