Calvary University's Harvey

  • March 13 - 17, 2024
  • Calvary University's Liberty Chapel

    15790 157th St
    Kansas City, Missouri 64147
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Harvey, by Mary Chase, is the story of Elwood P Dowd (Timothy Ulrich) and his best friend Harvey, an invisible, six-foot-tall rabbit. Elwood is known for making friends all over town and introducing people to Harvey, making Elwood quite the town eccentric. Following the death of their mother, Elwood’s sister, Veta (Katie Schieferecke) moved into the Dowd family home with her daughter, Myrtle Mae (Vanessa Hagler). The ladies are eager to step into society to secure a future for Myrtle by finding her a husband. To this end, our play begins with an afternoon tea.

Elwood and Harvey throw a wrench into the party Veta has proudly been hosting when Elwood introduces Harvey to a long-time family friend, Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet (Patti Shockley). Following the disastrous end to the tea, Veta and Myrtle decide that the only solution is to commit Elwood to Chumley’s Rest, the nearby sanitarium, headed by the distinguished Dr. Chumley (Caleb Stephens). An unfortunate mistake happens when Dr. Chumley’s assistant, Dr. Sanderson (Josh Zoschke), admits the wrong patient! Chaos unfolds as the doctors attempt to rectify the situation.

An entertaining cast of characters rounds out the show. Judge Mari Gaffney (Emily Hilton), the Dowd family lawyer. Dr. Chumley’s loyal staff Nurse Ruth Kelly (Aurora Glidewell) and Duane Wilson (Nicholas Elkins). Miss Johnson (Emily Hilton), the maid of the Dowd house. The good-natured Mrs. Betty Chumley (Patti Shockley). And E.J. Lofgren (Teddy Bitner), the impatient cabbie.

The characters add to the comedy as they navigate through the hilarious misfortunes, all while trying to answer the main question - is Harvey real or just a figment of Elwood's imagination?

Date & Time

Mar 13 - 17, 2024

Venue Details

Calvary University's Liberty Chapel

15790 157th St
Kansas City, Missouri 64147 Calvary University's Liberty Chapel
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The Calvary Theatre Arts program revolves around telling stories in ways that will engage the culture with a fresh and vibrant perspective!  Our mission is to equip students by building academic, performance-related, technical, and spiritual foundations to enable you to direct theatrical productions and oversee technical and administrative components wherever God might bring you – in front of a congregation in a ministry setting or in front of a professional film crew! By the time you leave Calvary, you’ll be able to teach others how to tell a great story and you’ll have developed into a skilled and disciplined actor who respects their art and their craft. You’ll be ready to further your career through graduate school training or professional acting. You’ll come away knowing that to be called to tell the best of all stories is one of the most compelling of all callings.


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