Caribbean Happiness Conference 2023

  • September 21, 2023 8:00 AM
  • Curacao Marriott Beach Resort

    John F Kennedy Boulevard 3 (Piscadera Bay)
    Willemstad, Curaçao
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We are excited to invite you to join our upcoming 2nd edition of the Caribbean Happiness Conference, which will take place on September 21, 2023. Our theme this year is ‘HAPPY TO SERVE YOU!’ This conference is a unique opportunity for all professionals and leaders in all sectors to gather and exchange their knowledge and expertise, and get valuable and actionable takeaways from our local and international speakers about the true value of Service! We believe that Service is a SuperPower; What about You?


Our Speakers:


In 2006 Jandino makes his first cabaret program: Antilliaanse pot. This is an instant success. After which many theater shows followed, including in a sold-out Kuip and several times in one sold out Ziggo Domo, Rotterdam Ahoy and AFAS Live.

In 2011 he gets his own program De Dino Show, where the FC Kip sketches also originated. From 2013 he can be seen on RTL as a panel member on Wie Ben Ik, as a presenter on Alles Mag op Vrijdag and as a highlight as a presenter on Dance Dance Dance with an average viewership of 2 million.

In addition to being a presenter, Jandino plays various roles in the Bon Bini films, where he has, among other things, three Platinum Awards and four Golden Calves for winning. The entire Bon Bini Franchise is already more visited more than 2 million times, making it the most successful Dutch franchise of the past decades. Judeska can be seen in theaters from January 2023 with the new farce Judeska Airlines. Jandino is not only successful in the entertainment industry, he has spent the past few years spends a large part of his time on projects in Curaçao and where he invests in education and development of the islands.

In May 2020, Jandino organized a benefit show for the islands on his own Instagram and on the NPO, this raised no less than 1.4 million euros. Opened in 2022 Asporaat a Gardeners Training and the nature park Hòfi Mango on Curaçao.


Muryad de Bruin, born and raised in Curaçao, has been with the Curacao Tourist Board for six and a half years. My first two years in the organization I was responsible for tourism growth out of the South American region with the title of Regional Manager South America. For the past four and a half years being based in our office in The Hague, Netherlands I am responsible for tourism growth out of Europe with the title of Regional Manager Europe. 

As of July 2022, I have started a new chapter in my professional career as Counterpart Statutory Director at the Tourist Board.  

It is an honor for me to not only be part of and leading the Curacao Tourist Board but also to contribute to the tourism and economic development of my island, Curacao.  

“It is my duty as tourism professional to provide a safe and sustainable destination experience to all our visitors and at the same time encourage the participation of the local community within the tourism experience.”  


Kylie Rae Fitzgibbons, also known as the Director of Happiness and Kylie Rae of Sunshine.  She is a passionate experience expert, a service consultant who proudly spends her days smiling, creatively solving problems and teaching others how to do the same.

Throughout her 16+ year career, Kylie Rae has demonstrated a successful history of working in the luxury market of the Hospitality and Tourism industry. She is the brain behind the Service with a Smile Program, designed to incorporate wellness in the workplace, to help business executives strategically infuse happiness in their company culture, reignite a passion to serve, increase guest engagement, and drive financial performance. At the Caribbean Happiness Conference, Kylie Rae will be guiding you through an interactive presentation where you can design your own customer experience journey map.  You will also learn a simple, low cost, high impact way to improve happiness.  


Ina Martina-Gravendeel is a Sound Healer, Music Lecturer, and Coach. She uses the combination of voice, music, meditation, and coaching to connect with people and from there help them discover their inner power. Her objective in her work is to help create awareness in people that they can be more of themselves, that they own their strength and can relate to their inner self, who they genuinely are. Her aim is to help her clients get passionate about life, environment, nature, relationships with others, through communication.  


Judith Oleana-Ubaghs, is a compassionate individual dedicated to spreading happiness to the work environment. After three decades in auditing, she embarked a remarkable career transition to become the first Chief Happiness Officer in Curaçao at Profound.

Trusting her ever-present enthusiasm and positive attitude, Profound handed me a ‘carte blanche’ for giving content to this role, allowing me to identify areas where happiness and employee well-being could be elevated. Guided by her intuition and experience, she created a very simple, hands on, top down, -bottom-up approach for opening communication and creating a workspace where employees felt valued, heard, and supported. She thinks that the position of Chief Happiness Officer is definitely key in achieving employee wellbeing.


Ron Johnson is the Managing Director and Co-founder of Blueprint Creative, the world’s first “Bhranding”, communications and design agency. Ron is also the creator of the The Bhranding Equation (Branding + HR = Bhranding), a business framework designed to help companies tear down the silos between their Branding and HR teams and replace those silos with powerful organizational synergies. Ron has recently published his first book called Tighten Your Shoelaces: How the World’s Leading Companies Defend and Grow Their Brands During a Crisis.

DR. Rayla Pikeri

Associate Professor Research and Quality of Education at ICUC (Intercontinental University of Curaçao).

Technology's ability to enhance didactical elements in education is an area of interest of Rayla. Therefore she values researching cutting-edge instructional strategies to enhance students' educational experiences. She is a great proponent of motivating students to work toward their goals. Rayla has also a great interest for the development of soft skills that often determine the effectiveness of the application of any ability in real-world situations, and happiness in life.

NICOLE MADURO - Master of Ceremony for CHC 2023  

Nicole Maduro is a seasoned international journalist and communication specialist with more than 20 years of experience in the print and broadcast mediums & communication field. She is a lecturer in Journalism Studies at the University of the Dutch Caribbean and an instructor in Public Speaking, Press Communication & Media Skills.  She is also an experienced moderator & master of ceremonies for local and international events.

Date & Time

Thu, Sep 21, 2023 8:00 AM

Venue Details

Curacao Marriott Beach Resort

John F Kennedy Boulevard 3 (Piscadera Bay)
Willemstad, Curaçao Curacao Marriott Beach Resort
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