CARLOAD - Back to the Future && Back to the Future Part II

  • August 16 - 29, 2024
  • Blue Grass Drive-In Theater

    774 W Mayne Street
    Blue Grass, Iowa 52726
Ticket Price $3.66-$21.68 Buy Tickets

Rev up your DeLoreans and join us at the Blue Grass Drive-In for a time-traveling double feature with our special summer carload pricing! For just $20 per carload, you and your passengers can enjoy a back-to-back viewing of Back to the Future and Back to the Future Part II.

Kick off the night with Back to the Future, where Marty McFly's ordinary high school life turns extraordinary when he's transported back in time to 1955 via a time-traveling DeLorean. Watch as Marty navigates the tricky waters of the past, trying to make sure his high school-aged parents unite in order to save his own future existence.

Continue the time-twisting fun with Back to the Future Part II, where Marty and Doc Brown travel to 2015 to prevent Marty's future son from making a decision that could ruin the McFly family's future. But when they return to a drastically altered 1985, they must once again race against time to restore the present.

We’re open every day of the week! Gates open at 6 PM, and films start at dusk. Enjoy this exhilarating, nostalgic journey through time under the stars. Don’t miss out on this captivating double feature—pack your car and come experience the adventure!

Date & Time

Aug 16 - 29, 2024

Venue Details

Blue Grass Drive-In Theater

774 W Mayne Street
Blue Grass, Iowa 52726 Blue Grass Drive-In Theater
Blue Grass Drive-In

Blue Grass Drive-In Theater is the newest all-digital multi-screen drive-in theater in Iowa. We are open Fri-Sat-Sun during Spring, and Fall and we are open seven days a week in the fall. New movies are posted every Tuesday.

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