Carnage the Executioner * Junior the Jenius * MN Moder * Jaze * Raw Space

  • June 7, 2023 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Wussow's Concert Cafe

    324 North Central Avenue
    Duluth, Minnesota 55807
Ticket Price $7.00-$42.00 This event is now over

Pete Fest 11 featuring

Carnage the Executioner - Carnage’s start as a human beatboxer has taken on a life of its own. He now uses technology like looping and effects pedals commonly used by guitarists. He enhances the experience of a live Hip-Hop show by allowing his audiences to hear original Carnage material and unique improvisations and spot-on recreations of popular songs. Carnage uses this same musical knowledge and technology to create custom, studio human beatbox tracks. His audio vision via mouth music can be heard on albums by Hip-Hop heavyweights Aesop Rock and R.A. The Rugged Man.

Junior the Jenius - Rapper, Producer, Astrophysicist, Director, Poet, and an all out Artist.

MN Moder - He can rap, sing and act among other things all while maintaining originality. His story is one of perseverance; promoting a positive message of making good out of even the worst situations dubbed, "Modervation"!

Jaze - Delivering hip-hop and rap lyrics for a mature audience, Jesse Unger performs as Jaze on top of beats laid down by Derek Delgado. The two have performed together for nearly 20 years, originally in the group Kritical Kontact. As Jaze has gotten older, his music has shifted to explore “feelings or a certain kind of mood,” tapping into events happening in his life versus focusing on the latest trends in the music scene. Newer material tackles subjects such as “feeling depressed, overcoming addictions [and] just speaking on something real.”

Raw Space - Pete Biasi's raw beats & grooves to keep you movin'

Date & Time

Wed, Jun 7, 2023 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Venue Details

Wussow's Concert Cafe

324 North Central Avenue
Duluth, Minnesota 55807 Wussow's Concert Cafe
Wussow's Concert Cafe

Wussow’s Concert Cafe is a locally owned coffeehouse featuring live music, a full espresso bar, homemade seasonal fare, and a fun variety of beer and wine. For over 24 years, Wussow’s has strived to be an inclusive and supportive home for local artists, musicians, writers and everyone in between. We are excited to offer food, beer, tea, and coffee that comes directly from our local community of friends and dreamers. Our stage continues to be the stomping ground for many local musicians and a favorite stop for regional & national touring acts. We love good music, good food, good coffee, and good friends! The next time you’re in the neighboring, stop in and check out what’s cooking in our kitchen and on our stage!

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