Cartooning and Character Design for Comics

  • August 23 - October 26, 2024
  • Push/Pull

    2000 Northwest Market Street
    Seattle, Washington 98107
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Craft your own characters, stories, and make-believe worlds while getting an introduction to storytelling and cartoon illustration!

Cartoon characters are the most important thing to come up with before deciding what Cartoon and/or Illustration method one wants to use to tell their stories! This Character Design focused workshop will teach students an introduction to character design. You'll learn to tell stories in single image or short comic formats.

We will explore shapes to build characters, how body language and facial expressions help show who a character is, story and backstory elements, and the different types of characters that can be created, from people, to animals, to talking plants or objects. Pre-printed comic box paper will be provided, and students will get to keep the printed lesson plans from the workshop.  Students will leave having practiced drawing their characters, or even having created new characters using sketches, an illustrated scene, or maybe even the start of a short comic.

All supplies are provided. This class is recommended for students ages 14 and up. 

Since October of 2010, Donna Letterese (she/her) has taught Cartooning, Zine-Making, and Drawing classes.  She taught for many years in and around the Los Angeles area (and still does on Zoom), and since 2020 has been teaching in and around Seattle.  Donna loves teaching visual storytelling, and is passionate about helping students find their voice through creating narrative images and words to tell their own tales.  As an educator, she has taught at afterschool programs, libraries, museums, and arts centers, really enjoying being part of the process that helps young artists find their voices through putting pencil, pen and any favorite drawing materials to paper. 

Date & Time

Aug 23 - Oct 26, 2024

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2000 Northwest Market Street
Seattle, Washington 98107 Push/Pull

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