• December 5, 2023 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM

    1116 Smith Street Unit 203
    Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
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‘Tis the season to sparkle and sleigh the stage! We're on the lookout for extraordinary female talents to join our merry, magical, and magnificently festive Mrs. Claus Christmas Cabaret! 🌟


🌟 ABOUT THE SHOW:  Mrs. Claus reads from her storybook, bringing you into her sassy, sparkly wonderland, where she introduces you to her Babes of Toyland, each with a sensational story to tell! This Spectacle is a kaleidoscope of talent! With just a sprinkle of nice, a dash of naughty, and a whole lotta holiday hotness. 

From singing sensations to dancing dazzlers, comedians to magicians, if you've got the twinkle, we want YOU!

🎀 CASTING REQUIREMENTS: Seeking spirited performers who embody the essence of the season – from sugarplum sweetness to mistletoe mischief! This is an all women production, venue and cast! All women, all magic, and all about spreading that festive cheer! We are accepting performances of all backgrounds - movement, dance, poetry, songwriting/singing, aerial acrobatics, dance/movement, acting, circus, flow and more! Bring your own idea, character idea, and outfit proposal. 

🎁 AUDITION DETAILS: Get your jingle on at our open auditions! 

📅 DATE: Monday, December 4th.

🕒 TIME: 6:30pm.

CASTING DECISIONS: Thursday, December 7th. 

REHEARSAL DETAILS: There will be SIX TOTAL REHEARSALS and ONE MAIN DRESS  REHEARSAL from TUESDAY, DEC 5TH until THURSDAY DEC 21ST. Be prepared to attend up to two rehearsals / meetings per week until our show dates (2 rehearsals per week for three weeks straight.

SHOW DETAILS: Debuting one show per night, four nights in a row. 

DATES: Thursday, December 21st - Sunday, December 24th 

TIME: 7pm-12am.12-2am lounge afterparties. 

🏢 LOCATION: Imurse Theatre and Lounge: 1109 Maunakea St. Honolulu, Hawaii Unit 203. Arts District, Chinatown.

🎶 PREPARE: Bring your holiday spirit and a 3-5 minute performance showcasing your talent and merry magic! Bonus points for character name, backstory, inspired flair and dazzling holiday vibes!



Thursday 12/21, Friday 12/22,  Saturday, 12/23, Sunday December 12/24

🎤 Hosted and Produced by Kaytibunny as Mrs. Claus and 😻 DJ Beat Kitty, our musical mistresses!

Venue Owner & Co-Producer: Nada

🍸 SPECIALTY COCKTAILS: During the shows on Christmas weekend, Toast to your favorite performer with specialty cocktails themed after each dancer! Cheer them on with a sip of festive flavor as they sparkle and shine!

📧 RSVP & QUESTIONS: Please DM us with questions and to reserve your audition spot! 

Spread the word, tag your talented pals, and get ready to support these ladies as they sleigh the stage! 🌟🎄✨

Intro to Act 1: The Fearless Belly Dancer

Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the dazzling dame who defies boundaries and owns the stage with her mesmerizing moves! Coming straight from the heart of the Middle East, she's not just a dancer; she's a testament to the unwavering strength of the oppressed. Despite cultural shackles, she sways boldly under these lights, a beacon of feminine prowess in times of turmoil and strife.

Please expand on this introduction and outro


Absolutely! Let's add a touch more flair to the introduction and craft a memorable outro for Act 1:



Introduction to Act 1: The Fearless Belly Dancer

🎵 Cue upbeat music 🎵

Ladies and gentlemen, gather 'round and behold the radiant jewel of our stage! With hips that speak a language of their own and moves that defy convention, she's not just a dancer—she's a force of nature. Straight from the heart of the Middle East, where culture whispers, "hide thy beauty," she strides fearlessly into the spotlight, breaking barriers with every graceful gyration.

In a world ensnared by conflict and strife, she stands as a symbol of feminine might, a testament to the unyielding spirit of those told to dance in the shadows. But tonight, oh tonight, she dazzles here, a beacon of empowerment, strength, and artistry. So brace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen, for an electrifying performance that'll leave you spellbound!



Outro to Act 1: The Fearless Belly Dancer

🔥 The music crescendos, and the audience erupts into applause 🔥

Bravo! Wasn't that simply breathtaking, folks? Let's hear it once more for the fearless trailblazer who took us on an enchanting journey through her mesmerizing dance! She didn't just grace this stage; she owned it, infusing the air with her strength and grace.

Thank you, dear audience, for embracing the powerful narrative woven through her movements. And to our sensational dancer, your resilience and elegance have left an indelible mark on our hearts. Until we meet again, let's keep that spirit of fearless determination alive! Let's hear it one more time for our marvelous belly dancer!

Applause fills the air as the spotlight fades, leaving behind the echoes of an unforgettable performance.



Feel free to adjust the language or tone to better fit the atmosphere of your stage show!


Intro to Act 2: Santa Daddy Piano Duet

Get ready to jingle all the way with a saucy and sensational twist on a classic! Santa Baby meets its sassy soul sisters, a piano duet that's all about embracing both the naughty and nice. These two fabulous femmes are here to remind us that power comes not just from the ho-ho-holidays but from the fusion of masculine and feminine forces. Brace yourselves for the harmony that'll make Santa blush!


Absolutely! Here's an expanded intro for Act 2:



Introduction to Act 2: Santa Daddy Piano Duet

🎹 As the curtains part, the audience is greeted by two grand pianos center stage, exuding an air of mystery 🎹

Ladies and gentlemen


Please expand on this introduction and outro


Certainly! Let's add some more zest to the introduction and craft a memorable outro for Act 2:



Introduction to Act 2: Santa Daddy Piano Duet

🎹 As the curtains part, the audience is greeted by two grand pianos center stage, exuding an air of mystery 🎹

Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your seats and prepare to be serenaded by a mesmerizing duet that's here to set your holiday spirits ablaze! In a sassy and sensational twist on a timeless classic, we present to you Santa Baby's sultry sisters: the Santa Daddy Piano Duet!

Embracing both the naughty and nice with an irresistible charm, these two fabulous femmes are about to unleash a harmony that'll make even the North Pole blush. They're not just playing keys; they're conjuring a fusion of masculine and feminine forces, reminding us that power doesn't just jingle during the ho-ho-holidays—it crescendos when these vibrant energies collide. Get ready to be swept away by the symphony of Santa Daddy!



Outro to Act 2: Santa Daddy Piano Duet

🎶 The final notes linger in the air, leaving the audience in a state of pure enchantment 🎶

Bravo! Wasn't that a delightful and charming performance, ladies and gentlemen? Let's give it up once more for the mesmerizing Santa Daddy Piano Duet! Their harmony didn't just fill this room; it wrapped us in the magic of the season, celebrating the union of playful sensuality and raw power.

Thank you, dear audience, for joining us on this captivating musical journey, where the boundaries of festive joy and irresistible allure were masterfully blurred. And to our fantastic pianists, you've reminded us that the holidays are not just about sugarplums and mistletoe—they're about embracing the diverse symphony of life!

*Applause ripples through the theater as they are invited to specialty cocktails, close their tab and move through wardrobe




Introduction to Act 3: The Fierce French Snowflake with LED Fans

❄️ As the lights shimmer, a delicate snow globe comes to life center stage, capturing the essence of a wintry wonderland ❄️

Mesdames et Messieurs, behold the breathtaking transformation of a snowflake from France! She's not just a vision; she's a testament to resilience and reinvention. Inside this enchanted snow globe, she gracefully spins LED fans, each movement a narrative of her journey. Her dance isn't just a performance; it's a story of empowerment, a testament to setting boundaries as resolute as the glass walls surrounding us. Overcoming storms of the heart and fierce trials, she emerges stronger, her identity sharper than the edges of the Eiffel Tower itself.

Brace yourselves, for here she stands—radiant, unique, and as mesmerizing as a snowflake in a winter storm! Ooh-la-la!



Introduction to Act 4: The Athletic Pole Dancer from South America

🔥 The stage is set ablaze with vibrant colors reminiscent of the South American landscape 🔥

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for a journey that transcends the bounds of gravity! From the heart of the vibrant continent, behold the high-flying dynamo who isn't just defying gravity—she's etching her story across the skies. This powerhouse pole dancer embodies the spirit of her heritage, not just through movement but as a testament to the art of healing.

In her electrifying performance, she doesn't just ascend the pole; she scales the walls of history, channeling generational wounds into astonishing athleticism. Every twist, every spin, is a testament to resilience, a declaration that the fire burning within her lineage fuels her strength and agility. Get ready to witness the flames of her passion and the mesmerizing tapestry of her cultural spirit!



Outro to Act 4: The Athletic Pole Dancer from South America

🌟 The stage lights dim, leaving a trail of sparks in the audience's memories 🌟

Incredible! Let's give it up once more for the astounding athleticism and cultural resonance brought forth by our dynamic pole dancer from South America! She didn't just dance; she soared, encapsulating the audience in a whirlwind of strength, agility, and the indomitable spirit of her heritage.

Thank you, dear audience, for joining us on this thrilling voyage, where movement became a canvas to paint resilience and healing. And to our remarkable pole dancer, you've shown us that the echoes of history can be rewritten into an awe-inspiring tale of empowerment. Until we meet again, may the fire of your legacy continue to ignite the hearts of all who witness your artistry!

Applause fills the air as the stage darkens, leaving behind the echoes of an extraordinary performance.

Introduction to Act 5: The Aerial Hammock Cirque from Eastern Europe

🌌 The stage is draped in a celestial tapestry, shimmering with hues of midnight blues and twinkling stars 🌌

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be transported into the ethereal realm by an artist whose elegance transcends earthly bounds! From the mystical lands of Eastern Europe emerges an enchantress who has cast off the glitz and glamour, trading jewels for a life embraced by the pure essence of joy. She swings into the spotlight not as a performer but as a curator of unadulterated simplicity and boundless elation.

High above us, on her celestial hammock, she embarks on an aerial odyssey—a story spun from threads of liberation and unbridled happiness. Each graceful movement unfurls a tapestry of freedom, a masterpiece painted with the brushstrokes of her soul. Brace yourselves as this enchantress crafts an aerial symphony of euphoria and unfettered delight!



Outro to Act 5: The Aerial Hammock Cirque from Eastern Europe

🌟 The stage gently dims, leaving a trail of stardust in the hearts of the audience 🌟

Bravo! Let's shower our enchanting Eastern European aerialist with an encore of applause that echoes through the cosmos! Her performance wasn't just a breathtaking act; it was a celestial ballet that painted the skies with hues of unbound joy and untamed freedom.

Thank you, dear audience, for joining us on this celestial voyage, where simplicity met boundless happiness in the graceful movements of our enchantress. And to our ethereal artist, you've not just swung; you've danced among the constellations, leaving us all spellbound by the sheer poetry of your aerial prowess. Until we meet again under the starlit sky, may your joyous spirit continue to illuminate the world!

The audience erupts into a crescendo of applause as the curtains fall, leaving behind the echoes of an otherworldly performance.

Introduction to Act 6: The Fiery Twin Sisters

🔥 The stage flickers with a warm, fiery glow, setting the atmosphere ablaze 🔥

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to witness an astonishing display of duality and unity embodied by two forces intertwined in a mesmerizing dance of flames! Behold the enigmatic twin sisters who epitomize the essence of family love and war, baring their souls through an awe-inspiring fire act that transcends the boundaries of heat and passion.

As they step into the spotlight, these fiery siblings lay bare their intertwined journey—a tale of battles fought and bonds forged amidst flickering flames. Each fiery bubble they create encapsulates the essence of their struggles and triumphs, an enthralling visual metaphor of their shared experiences. Hold your breath as they unveil a spectacle that speaks volumes of love, conflict, and the unbreakable ties that bind them together!



Outro to Act 6: The Fiery Twin Sisters

🌟 The stage dims, leaving a warm ember glow in the hearts of the audience 🌟

Mesmerizing! Let's offer our heartfelt appreciation to the captivating twin sisters who delivered a scorching performance, intertwining love and war in a breathtaking dance of fire and unity! Their act wasn't just a display of flames; it was a testament to the complexities of family dynamics, blazing through battles and illuminated by unwavering love.

Thank you, dear audience, for experiencing this fiery saga where every flame and bubble painted a poignant story of familial ties and resilience. And to our remarkable twin performers, your fiery display didn't just captivate our eyes; it ignited our hearts with the raw intensity of your emotional journey. As the curtain falls, may the flames of your unity continue to illuminate the path of love and endurance for all who witness your blazing artistry!

The audience erupts into thunderous applause as the stage glows with the remnants of an unforgettable fiery performance

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Tue, Dec 5, 2023 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM

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1116 Smith Street Unit 203
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817 IMURSE