Chicago Steppin Class

  • February 21 - May 29, 2024
  • N City Sports Lounge

    2511 Sweetwater Road
    National City, California 91950
Ticket Price $10.00-$15.00 This event is now over




Beginner Students

Foundation: Basic Moves and Concepts

The class is designed for absolute beginners and those who want to master their basics.

Learn musicality, basics and turns

Exp: 0-6 months




Level II Students

This class is designed for Level II students. Must know your BASIC 8-count

Techniques and Combinations

Learn higher-level moves and concepts

Exp: 6 months +



After Class Groove Set: Free to Students.

$5 non-students

Stay after class to practice what you just learned.

People from both classes can Groove, dance and mingle!


Date & Time

Feb 21 - May 29, 2024

Venue Details

N City Sports Lounge

2511 Sweetwater Road
National City, California 91950 N City Sports Lounge
SDC Steppers

Welcome to SDC Steppers, where passion for dance meets the vibrant rhythms of Chicago Steppin! At SDC Steppers, we are more than just a dance community – we are a family brought together by a shared love for this unique and expressive art form.

About Us: SDC Steppers was founded with the mission to create a space where individuals of all backgrounds and skill levels can come together to learn, grow, and connect through the beauty of Chicago Steppin. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or stepping onto the dance floor for the first time, our community is built on inclusivity, encouragement, and a whole lot of fun.

What Sets Us Apart:

Passionate Instructors: Our experienced and passionate instructors bring the authentic spirit of Chicago Steppin to every class. From the basics to advanced techniques, our classes are designed to cater to dancers at every stage of their journey.

Community Vibes: SDC Steppers is more than just a dance class – it's a community. We believe in fostering connections, building friendships, and creating a supportive environment where everyone feels welcome.

Diverse Events: From themed dance nights to special workshops, we curate a diverse range of events to keep the dance floor alive and exciting. Whether you're looking to refine your skills, make new friends, or simply enjoy a night of dancing, SDC Steppers has something for everyone.

Our Vision: At SDC Steppers, we envision a world where Chicago Steppin is not just a dance but a lifestyle – a means of self-expression, connection, and joy. We are committed to promoting the rich cultural heritage of Chicago Steppin and sharing the joy of dance with our community.

Join us on this rhythmic journey at SDC Steppers, where every step tells a story, and every dancer is embraced in the warmth of our dance family. Let's dance, let's connect, and let's create lasting memories together!