Chocolate Tasting and Wine

  • Thu, Sep 21, 2023 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Union Merchant

    224 E 8th St
    Georgetown, Texas 78626
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Enjoy the evening with artisan chocolate, wine, and a professionally trained chocolatier. You'll learn how to properly taste chocolate, identify nuanced flavor profiles, and sip perfectly paired glasses of wine.


This is one class in the "Foodie Nutrition" class series hosted by Nutritional Therapist, Varian Hans. Her classes always have a flair for culinary science, creativity, nutrition, and deep respect for food and the power it possesses.


Nutrition and pleasure are not exclusive and if you're wanting to deepen your relationship with food or perhaps begin repairing it, these classes are a great place to start. Slow down and enjoy the beautiful ambiance with great company and food.


⭐️A review⭐️

“As a food introvert, I was skeptical of attending the Chocolate and Wine class. I am like many people. We don't play with our food. I have been taught to always be grateful for food and don't complain about what you are served, especially if I didn't pay for it. I guess I’m a Sloppy Joe. However, I must admit, after attending Varians Chocolate and Wine class I became AWARE of what I was actually missing out on food.


All this time I failed to realize that food can be appreciated well beyond grateful. It can be appreciated with WORDS. Words that give meaning to the food you eat. Varian made me realize that my senses could pick up a complex array of textures, smells, visualizations, and flavors that I could describe and appreciate.


You see Varian is a gentle gal, someone who can gracefully nudge a paradigm shift in my rugged appreciation of food into a person who now can place a colorful adjective behind the word…DELICIOUS. “ This chocolate is delicious, with a lightly salted fruity flavor and creamy texture.” All while not being afraid of being wrong.


This shift has opened my gracious appreciation of food to where I can now use my senses to give meaning to any food I eat, especially my spouse’s. It’s the food I most love to eat, but now I can provide wordplay and describe how gracious I really am. “Honey that salsa you made is delicious, I love that soft feel and sweet medium heat from the peppers. Did you change your recipe a bit? Yes, it really works! I am no longer a Sloppy Joe, I am a Super Simon. - Thank you, Varian”

Date & Time

Thu, Sep 21, 2023 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

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Union Merchant

224 E 8th St
Georgetown, Texas 78626 Union Merchant
Varian Hans Nutrition

The majority of people believe nutrition is hopping from diet to diet in hopes of losing weight or feeling better. At Varian Hans Nutrition we help clients find a way of eating that is tailored to them with a six-week framework called the Illumine Nutrition Academy or one on one coaching, so they can end the confusion and enjoy food again.


Our classes strive to bring joy back to the kitchen and share with attendees the power of food in a friendly, warm, and accessible environment.