Circle of Ash

  • Sep 30 - Oct 29, 2022
  • Linn County Fairgrounds

    201 Central City Road
    Central City, Iowa 52214
Ticket Price $25.00-$60.00 This event is now over

Welcome to Circle of Ash, Eastern Iowa's scariest place to visit this October

Featuring three haunted houses, concessions, games, and bon-fires at the Linn County Fair in Central City, IA.


Circle of Ash 

We dare you to explore Iowa's most terrifying haunted house. Step back in time into the house where it all began and follow the footsteps of the little girl who burnt her home and everyone in it to the ground. Although the house was restored and repurposed, every one of its residents has met some sort of horrible end each a more gruesome than the last. As they say darkness breeds darkness and the house is overcome with it. Will it overcome you too?

Frightmare Forest 

Iowa's scariest haunted trail featuring nearly half a mile of dark and winding paths through the woods. Come meet our monsters in their home, they will happily terrorize you if you don't run away from them screaming first. 

Find your way out of Socko's "Fun" House 

As if Socko's Fun House wasn't a trip on its own, all new for our 2022 season we have doubled the square footage and added a ton of new surprises to delight and torment! Jingles, Bendy, Bobo, and the rest never make it easy to find your way out of this real maze, filled with fog, strobes, lasers and more. Socko's Fun House meant to disorient, disturb, and confuse even the bravest of our victims. Did we mention we locked all our clowns in there?

Date & Time

Sep 30 - Oct 29, 2022

Venue Details

Linn County Fairgrounds

201 Central City Road
Central City, Iowa 52214 Linn County Fairgrounds
Circle Of Ash

Circle of Ash is the haunted attraction that you've known and feared for 20 years! We're out at the Linn County Fairgrounds, and we're ready to deliver more scares than ever before with THREE different haunted houses in one place.

Returning this year: Circle of Ash! It's our 6th season delivering the best indoor style show.  Even the bravest can't hide all of their fear fear from our ghouls.

Back from the grave: Frightmare Forest the trip through the trees we've all missed.  Come find out what the forest has in store for you.

Lastly: Socko’s Funhouse! Exactly what you'd expect from a bunch of clowns.