Dahlia Dividing Workshop

  • October 28, 2023 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM
  • Laughing Goat Flower Farm

    43017 212th Avenue Southeast
    Enumclaw, Washington 98022
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A hands-on workshop designed to give you the skills and the confidence to divide dahlias on your own. Safeguarding your dahlia stock for years of enjoyment in the garden is easy enough to do, once you know how, and is insurance for always having the varieties you love. 

Learn how to divide a dahlia tuber clump with Horticulturist and Executive Director Amy Brown at Laughing Goat Botanical Gardens. Amy will demonstrate fall division of tubers, working with multiple tools to show how we divide tens of thousands of tubers every season. 

This workshop will offer practical, no-nonsense tips on dahlia division, honed over years of practice. We will take the fear out of this process, and send you home with confidence to be able to do this on your own. We will also demonstrate how we store tubers over the winter, using a technique that has worked the best for our climate, and storage capacity.

Workshop will take between 2-3 hours total, and each attendee will be supplying their own dahlia clumps and tools, as sanitation when dividing dahlia tubers is extremely crucial. This is something we will discuss in the workshop, but please know that for safeguarding the health of our own stock, we will not be providing clumps for each participant to divide. Plan to also bring your own tools/snips that you will be using to divide, and in the event you need suggestions, our Garden Shop is stocked with the tools we use in the division process, for an additional cost. (Snips not included in workshop fee). You will be asked to bring a plastic tote of your choice, for placing your tubers in. Cedar shavings are what we use for storage, and sourcing will be shared, though shavings will not be supplied. 

Cost of workshop is for Instruction and time, all supplies needed will be provided by each person attending the workshop. I will provide a list of supplies needed upon registration. 

Due to the nature of holding space for each attendee, workshop registrations are final. No refunds. In the event you are unable to attend, please share your space with a friend or family member. We will be working indoors, in our Garden House, and standing on concrete and tile floors, so please dress to handle a mess and for standing. Chairs will be available for those that need a rest. 

Date & Time

Sat, Oct 28, 2023 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Venue Details

Laughing Goat Flower Farm

43017 212th Avenue Southeast
Enumclaw, Washington 98022 Laughing Goat Flower Farm
Laughing Goat Flower Farm

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