DnD Campaign: Descent Into Avernus **13+

  • Aug 19 - Sep 2, 2023
  • There and Back Cafe

    1011 K Street
    Sacramento, California 95814
Ticket Price $10.00 This event is now over

Elturel has fallen and the fate of the realm rests in your hands in Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus, for players levels 1-14

Join fellow adventurers in an epic quest that will take you from the gritty, crime-ridden streets of Baldur's Gate all the way to the war-torn depths of the first layer of the Nine Hells. Decide the fate of countless lives as you and your companions battle or make deals with devils and demons, uncover long-forgotten secrets, and tip the balance of power for Good or Evil.

Date & Time

Aug 19 - Sep 2, 2023

Venue Details

There and Back Cafe

1011 K Street
Sacramento, California 95814 There and Back Cafe
There and Back Cafe

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