• April 19 - 20, 2024

    106 Calyer Street
    Kings County, New York 11222
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Dominica Greene is a bi-racial Black woman who cherishes and channels her Caribbean heritage and Queerness into an art-based existence. A dance artist, she has collaborated and performed nationally and internationally with many notable choreographers and companies. Based on the unceded lands of the Munsee Lenape people, Greene creates conceptual, body-based art rooted in her belief that dance is not something to be learned, but an innate entity that we all have access to and are perpetually engaging with. Weaving her core research practices of duration, somatics, raving, and ancestral channeling, her work aims to reflect nature, human and otherwise, as a way of highlighting humanity and the stark sameness and differences and sameness in the differences within all of us.

Date & Time

Apr 19 - 20, 2024

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106 Calyer Street
Kings County, New York 11222 TRISK