Embers a Lag Baomer Concert 2024

  • May 26, 2024 6:00 PM
  • Murphy Fine Arts Theatre 2024

    2201 Argonne Drive
    Baltimore, Maryland 21218
Ticket Price $32.00-$250.00 Buy Tickets

Please note this is a FEMALE ONLY CONCERT!


Shaindy Plotzker is a popular singer and songwriter from New York. She sings with passion, emotion, and electric energy, using her gift to inspire and uplift Jewish women and girls around the globe. She is known for her love for her audience, her ability to connect, and the positive energy she brings everywhere she goes. Shaindy recognizes that “it’s all from above” and is passionate about using her talent for good. After her sold out concerts in New York, Miami, Israel, New Jersey, Europe, and countless other locations, Shaindy is very much looking forward to bringing the energy to Baltimore together with Shiras Hayam!

A portion of the proceeds from this evening will benefit the Shiras Hayam scholarship fund.


Raffle Ticket Prizes ⭐ 
 (The option to buy a raffle ticket will pop up on seat selection)

Each Raffle Ticket includes both prize categories:

1. For you:

- $75 to Adina B

- $75 to Kaylas Custom Made

- Wash & set by Miriam (Addi) Bromberg

- $100 towards a gown rental from the Gown Shop

- Teeth whitening and spray tan by Smile Bar

- One free Shiras Hayam session

- $100 to Align Active

- $100 to sheek

- Gift card to Boutique Manicures by Shaina

- One month membership to Studio Flex


2. For your home:

- Photoshoot by Avi Dear Visuals

- ⁠Two hours of home organizing by Shira Rappaport

- 6x12 Hadlakas neiros art by Temima Reches

- $100 to Waterdale

- Faux flower arrangement by Flauxerscapes


Date & Time

Sun, May 26, 2024 6:00 PM

Venue Details

Murphy Fine Arts Theatre 2024

2201 Argonne Drive
Baltimore, Maryland 21218 Murphy Fine Arts Theatre 2024
Shiras Hayam

Shiras Hayam is an all girls choir that was organized in 2018 by Yael Bohbot and Penina Mandelbaum. They began the choir after realizing there was a need for a wholesome and fun program for girls in the Baltimore community.

The choir currently has 130 participants of girls ages 8-13. Shiras Hayam is known for their uplifting songs and professionally made music videos. The choir's dedication to creating high-quality content has helped them gain a loyal following both locally and internationally. Shiras Hayam not only focuses on musical excellence but also places a strong emphasis on building self-esteem and confidence in its members. Through their choir experience, the girls learn to work collaboratively, express themselves creatively, and develop a sense of pride in their individual abilities. Each girl in Shiras Hayam is given a chance to shine.


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