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The Samuel M. Plato and Lusby Family Photograph Collections offer fascinating insight into the rise of two middle-class black families in early 20th century Louisville.  Samuel M. Plato was a prominent architect at a time when his profession had few black members. The Plato collection is rich not only as a window into middle-class life, but also into Plato’s architectural style.  The story of Thaddeus Stevens Lusby Sr. parallels that of Plato.  Born a slave and raised on a tobacco farm, Lusby moved to Louisville after emancipation and gained success as a builder and contractor. The story of these families intersects when one of Lusby’s daughters, Nettie, marries Samuel Plato. Come hear stories and explore the lives of these two families as we view the photographs they have left behind.  

Heather Potter is the Associate Curator of Photographs at The Filson Historical Society. She received her BA in History from Washburn University and her MLS from Indiana University, Bloomington.

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The Filson Historical Society
1310 South 3rd Street, Louisville, Kentucky, 40208, United States
The Filson Historical Society, founded in 1884, is a privately-supported historical society dedicated to preserving the history of Kentucky and the Ohio Valley Region.