Film Studios Movie Premiere Night

  • Victoria School of the Arts - Eva O. Theatre

    10210 108 Avenue Northwest
    Edmonton, Alberta T5H 1A8
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Two Victoria School of the Arts Film Studios original productions will be having their film premiere in front of live audiences in the Eva O. Howard theatre. This event will be a red carpet, fine attire event where cast and crew and audience members can enjoy the photo ops and atmosphere of a Hollywood film premiere. 

Film #1 Koluhnahyzd (Colonized) is an original science fiction short film exploring what would happen if aliens colonized earth and treated humans the same way Europeans have treated the First Nations of North America. This buddy-film follows 3 students as they look for ways to resist their oppressors and learn what it takes to survive in this post-apocalyptic world.  This film was developed from story ideas from Indigenous Victoria School of the Arts students and developed into a screenplay by Todd Houseman and directed by Aretha Greatrix, both of which are Néhiyaw.

Promo Trailer for Koluhnahyzd

Behind the Scenes YEG Arts Now profile about Koluhnahyzd

Film #2 Remembering the Children: The Red Deer Indian Industrial School is a documentary filmed in 2021 by passionate Indigenous and non-Indigenous Victoria School of the Arts students on location in Red Deer and directed by Néhiyaw student Penny Gullion in cooperation with the Remembering the Children Society and Elder Lyle Keewatin Richards. The Red Deer Indian Industry School operated from 1893-1919 and was the deadliest Indian Residential School in Canada per population and still has at least 70 unmarked graves. This film explores Canada’s history of Indian Residential Schools, this school’s specific students and stories, the legacy of intergenerational trauma throughout Canada, and ways that healing has begun through cultural revitalization, truth, and reconciliation.

Remembering the Children Society Facebook Page:

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Victoria School of the Arts - Eva O. Theatre

10210 108 Avenue Northwest
Edmonton, Alberta T5H 1A8 Victoria School of the Arts - Eva O. Theatre
Victoria School of the Arts

Victoria School of the Arts is an Edmonton Public School Division Kindergarten through grade 12 Alternative Arts Program. Victoria School of the Arts students engage in the study of specific art forms such as Band, Choral, Dance, Digital Media, Drama, Film-making, Music, Orff, and Visual Arts and in turn use artistic processes and creativity to deepen their understanding and success in all curricular areas.


  • Are an inseparable part of the school's culture and therefore are a vital part of the learning experience
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