Film Studios World Premier

  • Victoria School of the Arts - Eva O. Theatre

    10210 108 Avenue Northwest
    Edmonton, Alberta T5H 1A8
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A chance to dress up and be part of a red carpet Movie Premiere! This year we have three women Directed films being presented: the Fantasy short film Critical Myth, a Behind the Scenes Documentary on the Making of Critical Myth, and a special presentation of the Feature Film comedy Picture It, filmed in cooperation between the non-profit initiative “Girls in Film and TV” and Victoria School of the Arts Film Studios. Our Film and Media Students work hard all year to create original films from writing to planning to designing, then onto building sets, props, costumes, and make-up, working and filming as a full 80 person crew with 40 actors and further months of post-production, animation, and music composing.


  • 5:40pm Red Carpet Instagram pictures with the cast, crew, props, set, and costumes from the films. Water and candy for sale to benefit the Stollery Children’s Hospital.
  • 6:00pm Treaty Acknowledgment and Introduction to all three of the films from the student hosts.
  • 6:10pm Behind the Scenes Documentary on the Making of Critical Myth.
  • 6:30pm World Premiere Screening of the short film Critical Myth.
  • 7:00pm Girls in Film and TV Screening of the feature film Picture It.
  • 8:15pm Additional pictures in the Lobby after the show.

Critical Myth

Fantasy Role-Playing meets High School in this comedy short film written in mythic structure as we see our young heroes face not just foes, but also their own personal limitations. Follow a group of D&D&D players who now must face their most challenging campaign: a day in High School! This film combines live action footage with animatic scenes.

The Making of Critical Myth

Students who sign up for Victoria School of the Arts Film Studios each year have an immersive experience working in the same collaborative structure and roles as big professional film sets. This documentary showcases the awesome behind-the-scenes work that goes into making a film: from designing and building costumes and props and sets, training actors in film performance, to getting crews organized and trained in lighting, sound, make-up, assistant directing, and cinema camera packages (Victoria School is sponsored by the Munich camera company ARRI, and we are the only K-12 school in the world running ARRI Alexas cinema cameras, the same ones used on most of the world’s film sets). This documentary was also made by students and they are proud to reveal all their hard work!

Picture It!

Produced as part of Girls in Film and TV’s (GIFT) Feature Film Program and with a cast and crew that is a combination of industry professionals, GIFT students from across the city, and students from Victoria School of the Arts. 

Mya is a talented and determined teen who’s got her future all mapped out, just not in the traditional sense. Mya has Aphantasia, a condition of the mind that means she isn’t able to visualize. Of course, that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing the visual arts, and her drawing skills have come in handy to document her memories. Her friend Vic finds a sketch Mya made of her holding hands with the cutest boy in the school, Cliff, and in a sweeping gesture of misplaced goodwill, puts it in his locker. So Mya enlists her friends to help her break into and navigate the near-empty school after hours to retrieve the sketch from Cliff’s locker. Mya must avoid the mysterious after-hours shenanigans of Principal Hutchins, and the patrolling menace of school constable, Officer Todd.

Picture It is a fast paced and quirky tribute to the power of friendship and learning to see outside yourself to understand the big picture. 


Parking for the Film  Studios Premiere can be found in the theatre NE parking lot on the corner of Kingsway Avenue and 101 Street, in the SE visitor parking lot on the corner of 101 Street and 108 Avenue and in the West staff parking lot at the back of the school, just off of 108 Avenue and 104 Street. Failing those three locations, visitors may park along the street and in the neighbouring community.

Should you arrive late to the performance and require entrance to the school, please text 780-668-1373 for admittance at one of the three major school entrances; main doors, Kingsway doors and the west staff parking door.

Licorice and water will be sold for a dollar each prior to the show in the lobby and can be taken into the theatre.

Venue Details

Victoria School of the Arts - Eva O. Theatre

10210 108 Avenue Northwest
Edmonton, Alberta T5H 1A8 Victoria School of the Arts - Eva O. Theatre
Victoria School of the Arts

Victoria School of the Arts is an Edmonton Public School Division Kindergarten through grade 12 Alternative Arts Program. Victoria School of the Arts students engage in the study of specific art forms such as Band, Choral, Dance, Digital Media, Drama, Film-making, Music, Orff, and Visual Arts and in turn use artistic processes and creativity to deepen their understanding and success in all curricular areas.


  • Are an inseparable part of the school's culture and therefore are a vital part of the learning experience
  • Motivate the cognitive, social, civic, personal, and aesthetic growth and development of students
  • Open avenues for innovation and invention, as well as fostering respect for individual, cultural, and aesthetic diversity
  • Provide students with a variety of approaches to learning methods of building connections between thinking, learning, knowing, and communicating


  • Enable all students to explore and communicate their understandings, feelings, and ideas in a variety of art forms
  • Develop higher level thinking skills (evaluating, expressing, problem solving, creating)
  • Develop artistic skills to enhance academic skills
  • Foster a culture of collaboration to deepen students’ understanding of themselves and others

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