Financial Marketing and Personal Finance Sandbox

  • Thu, Sep 29, 2022 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
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The competition in the financial market is increasingly intensifying, and the needs of financial consumers have become the source of power for the development of various financial enterprises and institutions. As a financial practitioner, in the face of various requirements from various customers, we can make corresponding analysis and judgments and make decisions on how to market financial products. As a consumer in a modern environment, we can effectively use our wealth to improve life by formulating and rationally using financial resources. Quality, enrich the connotation of life. After graduation, a considerable number of financial students enter commercial banks to engage in specific business work. However, due to the particularity, confidentiality, and security of the banking industry, financial institutions cannot provide too many jobs to accept large-scale students. Financial marketing practice training; second, students visit the bank’s grass-roots outlets. This kind of cognitive training cannot touch the core business of financial marketing, and can only understand some peripheral operations; third, it is impossible to truly understand the difference, classification, and customer characteristics of real financial services. It is difficult to use theoretical knowledge in practical training. Under this situation, it is of great importance and importance to create a simulation environment for students to simulate cognition and cognition that is close to reality for teaching practice, to understand the real business involved in finance majors, to improve students' professional level and social practice ability, and to strive for greater employment opportunities. Urgency, this course is launched for this purpose.


2. Experimental requirements


Be able to distinguish between the marketing departments for corporate customers and private customers, and understand the whole process of financial business transactions for different types of customers at bank branches in reality


Be able to analyze the micro-environment in financial marketing, summarize the influencing factors that affect customer behavior and decision-making, analyze the decision-making process of financial customers, and launch different financial products according to various financial needs of customers, so that students can improve their comprehensive quality of financial marketing through practice, Highlight "Zero Distance from Real Work"


Be able to analyze market positioning, conduct financial market surveys, predict market conditions such as real estate and project investment, identify potential financial needs of private customers, recommend investment and wealth management products to private customers, and understand real-life residential mortgage loans, business loans, etc. Application Scenarios of Consumer Credit


Be able to simulate the risk events encountered by corporate customers and individual customers in reality, understand how financial products can help avoid risks, reduce financing costs, or overcome liquidity crises, and understand the perspective of promoting financing products in banks, such as mortgage loans and receivables Factoring, fixed asset project financing, working capital loan, warehouse receipt pledge, etc.


It can track the operation of corporate customers to tap their potential financial needs, recommend appropriate financial products based on the credit status of corporate customers, such as stock investment, fund investment, bond investment and other financial investment products, to help customers improve investment and wealth management income.

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Thu, Sep 29, 2022 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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TOLEDO, Ohio 43607 online teaching