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Ground Yourself in the Element of Fire


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Yes indeed, that means walking over a bed of hot coals. In 4 of the most powerful steps you will ever take in your life, you can set in motion a trajectory toward empowerment that nothing else can match.


This program is designed to immerse participants in the concept of walking a bed of coals as a means of connection with nature through the element of fire and as a re-memberence of one’s relationship with the surrounding world.

Humans are gifted with the capacity to walk upright on two legs, and therefore bond with the earth through their feet. Walking a bed of coals while directly touching them with the skin of one’s feet is an experience that can bring about substantial opportunities for healing, connection, re-energization, and so much more.

This program is set up to create both a learning and discovery experience for participants in as safe and non-judgemental a space as possible. The program contains two main phases, the Discussion/Learning phase, and the Fire phase. Both will need attention and presence in order to get the most out of the experience. The Learning phase will help to center and bring awareness to how we walk our walk in life. The Fire phase will build upon that awareness and allow the participants to achieve something extraordinary – a walk across fire.

The Fire element can be a powerful and transformative ally in supporting us on our Life-Walk. Fire is something we’re taught to be wary of yet holds potential to open doorways for us if given the chance. 

Firewalking is a connection point to tapping into that potential.

Throughout the program, participants will be given opportunities to explore how they are connected to the world around them archetypally, physiologically, psychologically, and spiritually. The culmination of these opportunities will be walking across a coal bed.



  • 3 hours
  • $98 ~ All materials provided



You will…

  • Investigate your relationships with the world by directly exploring the manifestations of how you connect with your surroundings through your feet.
  • Stimulate awareness of how you, as a human, choose to embody your Life-Walk.
  • Discover a deep appreciation for the Fire element. 
  • Express how multiple aspects of the Fire element directly connect to your personal beliefs, practices, and actions.
  • Transform your perspective about life, fire, and relating to the world around you


Program and Discussion

Humans have a relationship with the world around them through being a 2-legged, upright walker. Our feet are our connection to the earth and our grounding when we reach upwards. It is a relationship that requires presence with ourselves and our surroundings. Working with the Fire element through Firewalking is a way to honor and bring attention to our connections.

We are surrounded by and embody archetypal patterns and influences. Insight into those archetypal meanings give us guidance in the how and where we choose to walk our walk.

Directions, orientation, and the choices we make to get to where we’re going can also tell us much about our choices in life.

Fire is elemental and through our ancestral links, we have used it to survive and thrive as an upright walker. Our species is connected with it and we have used it as an important foundation to building our cultures. Everyday we embody the subtle ways our cultural relationship to fire has shaped our beliefs and actions. Re-membering the archetypal importance of our species-specific relationship to fire can have a profound impact on us here and now.

The Fire element can be a powerful and transformative ally in supporting us on our Life-Walk. Fire is something we’re taught to be wary of yet holds potential to open doorways for us if given the chance. Firewalking is a connection point to tapping into that potential.

Fire Building

Building the fire with intention and concentration on the meanings associated with the Trilogy, Hexagon, and placement

  • Building upon the consecrated ground of the Archetypal Wheel
  • Establishing a good Trilogy & Hexagon foundation
  • Physical-World embodiment of Unseen-world concepts
  • Combination of Intentionality and usable materials to build up the structure
  • Individual and group working together to accomplish building something up

Trilogy Braid

The symbolism of the Trilogy is powerful and noticeable in many aspects of our lives. The trilogy of the fire is a central concentration point of symbolic teachings that offer us insight on firewalking. 

  • Trilogy recognition and symbolism discussion/activity
  • Braiding three strands together as a whole
  • Snake, Puma (Wolf), Condor (Eagle)

Lighting of the Fire

While lighting the fire, attention will be brought to the metaphoric symbolism of the carrying and lighting of the fire within and around us. Attention will also be brought to how the refinement of ourselves follows the same paths as that of the fire.

  • Lighting of the fire with one spark then witnessing the transference into Flame 
  • Fire as metaphor
  • Spark, transference, upward, heat 
  • Fulfilling natural purpose accordingly is an honoring of life force
  • Re-minding of Ancient fire

Fire Tending

The 7 Directions and the Trilogy are foundations for bringing attention to our Life-Walk. Aligning ourselves with the energy of the Fire element is essential in walking with fire. To tend this fire is a living process that continues throughout the cycle of its life.


The walking of the fire is the tangible connection we can make with the Fire and embody our own walk.

  • Safety is paramount
  • NUM – drumming, chanting, Fire Breath
  • 7’ before fire (Snake), 7’ fire (Puma), 7’ beyond fire (Condor)

Anchoring & Sublimation

After the fire, we come to an anchoring & flying place (Grounded Flight) in our walk.

  • Anchor to earth as a 2-legged
  • Re-member Trilogy and what each portion symbolizes 

Gratitude & Blessing

Giving gratitude for what we’ve been given and a blessing for where we go from here reflects Ayni in multiple ways.

  • Offering to the fire in gratefulness and in contract to take with us
  • Water blessing = includes hydrogen and oxygen – air yet a transformed element
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