Fitz & Friends in the Forest 3.0

  • May 17 - 19, 2024
  • Fort Fitzy

    Christopher Creek, Arizona
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Oh, it's special that you made it here. 
Some for the first time - some have been before~
All are welcome <3 

Please read all of the text for expectations, and get more details via email after securing your ticket. 


What's happening here? 

A community based campout to invite impeccable vibes, curious shenanigans, and deep connection. 
Nature - Music - Yoga - Community - Being 


  • Camping & Playing in national forest land
  • Immersive group activations (Talent Show / Open Mic Saturday night!)
  • Workshops, yoga classes, ecstatic dance, and music expression
  • Slackline / creek wanderings / bonfire vibes
  • Bring your creation? What would you like to share?


Our intention:

To invite community connection 
To share and appreciate the land/nature with those we love  
To create, express, and create space for others to do the same 
To connect, with YOU! 



This is for the curious and the creative...
For the courageous and the compassionate
For those who love with an open heart 
For the friends and family of the Fitzgerald lineage


More than a camping trip, but you'll still need a tent. 
Please practice radical self reliance for camping supplies, tent/hammock, food, etc.

Potluck style dinner on Saturday night - 
An opportunity to break bread, together 


Arrival/Setup begins at 2pm on May 17th 2024

Depart Sunday May 19th


Fort Fitzy
Private property in Christopher Creek, Arizona
Tent camping + car camping available on site 

Not a camper? No problem! 
There are several cabin rentals ~1 mile away 
(Find some bunk-buddies to split the cost?) 

I recommend the first link here: 
(Mention F&F24 for a possible discount!) 
Book your room ASAP - Summer months tend to be busy up here.



Be the change you want to see in the world. 
A donation based - drug free - space to express, create, or whatever you’d like to do.


This is our way of opening an intentional space to connect, learn, play, and deepen our life with the help of other humans.
I'd be an honor to share this time with you <3 


Grab your donation based ticket now to tap in to more info, the discord planning chat, and the excitement being built. 

Interested but on the cusp? 
Check out this Youtube vid of F&F 1.0 in 2022 to see what started this momentum... 

Any Questions?  
Drop a line on IG @CuriosidyProject 

Stay curious my friends.

Love always, 
Cody Fitz 

Date & Time

May 17, 2024 2:00 PM - May 19, 2024 3:00 PM

Venue Details

Fort Fitzy

Christopher Creek, Arizona Fort Fitzy
Curiosidy Project

Welcome to Curiosidy Project

With courage and curiosity may we embark on the path of revealing and realizing our highest potential! 
You are welcome here <3

We create experiences with LOUD invitations for you to express yourself.

We practice with modalities to remind you of your own power:
Breathwork - Dance - Intentional Conversations - Yoga - Pachamama

Curiosidy is more than just a brand; it's an invitation to view life through a lens of curiosity and adopt a mindset of continuous growth. 
Holding this transformative perspective, we create a ripple effect and foster a community that thrives on learning, connection, and positive change.


The Guiding Principle: Cultivating Curiosity

Curiosity is the heartbeat of the Curiosidy ethos. 
It's the driving force that propels us to keep learning, to keep growing, to keep questioning; encouraging and learning to leave everyone and everything better than we found them and to view each interaction as an opportunity to spark insight and inspiration.

The Curiosidy mindset is a unique blend of curiosity, openness, and the desire for growth. 
We see every situation, every interaction, and every challenge as an opportunity to learn and evolve. This mindset is the foundation of everything we do and it shapes how we navigate our lives.


You have the answers within!
The world needs your unique light!
You are a creator!


Take a deep breathe … this is your life force. 
It's always there for you. 


Our goal is to build an engaged community of curious minds who are bringing their creative spark to life. 
Compassionate, kind, non-judgmental, loving, and silly people fit in well around here! 

Give yourself permission to grow, and let’s flow!




*See anything that we could be doing better at any of our events? We welcome your feedback <3

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