Flight of the White Raven Virtual Sound Journey: Full Moon in Sag

  • May 23, 2024 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Eastern Standard Time

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About this Sound Journey:

I come to you as The White Raven direct from The Raven's Nest where I will stretch my wings & take flight for the very first time; flying high up into the beautiful Sagittarius Flower Moon. As this is my very first flight into virtual territory, I am offering this experience to you all around the globe at no charge. The experience itself will be from my nest to yours and will be the same intuitive shamanic format as my in-person events, just with the addition of some technology sending the sound frequencies to you. In a sense, we will be co-creating together! You have complete control over your journey environment! Add surround sound, light candles, get cozy in your favorite jammie jams (or nothing at all lol), light incense... you get to create your own ambiance & surround yourself with the others of your choosing! If you enjoy crystals/stones/minerals, some notable ones to have around you for this experience are those the colors of fire such as ruby, amber or garnet. Notable herbs: Cinnamon & mint - perhaps some essential oils in these scents would assist you on your journey. If tuning into spirit animals, the Spirit Animal of this time is the HORSE energy - assisting us with swift forward motion. 

On our journey together, we will harness the energies of the Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius. The flower moon, also referred to as the budding & seed moon, is the final full moon of Spring and is called so because of the abundance of blooms & new growth that is blossoming up all around us. It is a fertile time for planting seeds and ushering in new life; a time of celebration for rejuvenation, expansion & optimism. This first time flight is symbolic of the embodiment of the energies and virtues this moon's energy holds for us! I am filled with hopefulness and excitement as I set out on new adventures with all of you - my expanded tribe! Sagittarius, the half man half horse archetype with the bow & arrow, being of the element of FIRE is also an exciting energy of rebirth where dreams & visions take flight on the swiftness of his arrow. We have just spent quite a lot of time in another cosmic energy that was also a centaur - Chiron, the wounded healer. In the Chiron in Aries energy, we dug down into our mortal wounds during eclipse season, transmuting darkness into light. This was a very energetically intense time for many! We are given the opportunity to come together in celebration of the success of our healing and deep work in our inner landscape. Now, by the brilliant light of the Full Moon illuminating the centaur of Sagittarius, we watch flowers bloom where there were once weeds! Let us gather together and celebrate through the vibrations of sound as we take flight by the light of the moon!

After the experience, please do express your love through feedback and, if your heart guides through financial love offering via Venmo or CashApp. 

About Your Journey Guide: 

Yuli Anun us an energy worker, visual storyteller, certified Art Therapy Life Coach & Vibrational Sound Healer who currently resides in the Virginia Beach area. She brings with her a passion for weaving story with healing frequencies through the creation of intuitively inspired Art + Sound - 2 of the oldest healing modalities of all time. 

Yuli incorporates the ancient wisdom of shamanic practices & the medicine of the 5 elements with the power of sound therapy through the use of her voice (Ether/Spirit Medicine), rattles & rhythmic Shamanic drumming (Earth Medicine), Crystal Sound Bowls, Ocean Drum & Rainstick (Water Medicine), Himalayan Singing Bowls (Fire Medicine), chimes (Air Medicine) to take participants on a journey into the soul to induce a state of deep relaxation, dreaming & restoration.


The Physical Benefits of Sound Healing are:


Reduction of Pain

Increased Immune Function

Stress reduction & Relaxation

Super-Boosted Healing Response

Relief from Depression & Anxiety

Increased Work Productivity & Focus

Cessation of Sleep Disorders & Insomnia

Physical Healing for Illnesses & Disease

Enhanced Energy Levels Through the day

Date & Time

Thu, May 23, 2024 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Yuli Arts

Hi! I'm Yuli!

I am a visual storyteller, certified Art Therapy Life Coach + Vibrational Sound Healer who weaves healing energetic frequencies through the creation of intuitively inspired Art + Sound – 2 of the oldest healing modalities of all time. 

I invite you to take a journey thru the senses of hearing + sight to See the Story Unheard – a journey to the deep inner world of wonderful & magnificent YOU – into your inner world; the world of imagery & emotions… visions & feelings. This is the place where deep healing happens – the home of your Heart + Soul – so with that I say, “Welcome Home!”

I have a very unique "flavor" to my healing methods. I incorporate the ancient wisdom of shamanic practices with the power of sound therapy and my intuitively created artwork. My passion lies in uniting my two loves, my energetically infused Art & sound healing which opens the space to provide a more immersive & personal experience for the public. The energies of the artwork and those of the sound frequencies merge together and interact with the participants. While the sound work offers an audio and resonant healing effect, the Artwork provides a visual experience before and after the sound journey. The positive meditative experience as well as the infused energies of the artwork are anchored & integrated into the participants for a longer lasting healing experience. Each time, the participant views the artwork, they will be transported to that meditative and peaceful state reached during the event. 

I currently reside in the Virginia Beach, VA area and offer my services through events at metaphysical shops, healing/wellness centers, spiritual centers, art galleries & in homes/businesses throughout the Virginia, Georgia & Ohio areas & everywhere in-between. My artwork has been exhibited locally, regionally, nationally & internationally & has been published in several web-based & print publications. Currently, I am represented by the exquisite Gallerie Ukwensi of Ghent at 424 W21st St., Norfolk, VA. 


To keep up with me & my adventures & soul lessons, follow me on FB @YuliArts333 & on Instagram @_Yuli_Arts. I also offer wisdom share, sacred sound snippets, and sacred art shares on my YouTube channel @YuliArtsTime.